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From the Huffington Post's Zach Carter: Hillary Clinton Calls For 'Toppling' The 1 Percent Hillary Clinton believes that strengthening the middle class and alleviating income inequality will ...
by Cassiodorus
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Cross-posted at Notes on a Theory So first--the good news. There is dissension in the ranks of NYPD. It seems that PBA head Pat Lynch went too far, and a not insubstantial portion of the PBA ...
by David Kaib
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It’s the base, stupid. Every election is now a base election. It really is quite simple. In the U.S. voter turnout is low and variable (from very low to very, very low). In mid-term elections ...
by jhannon
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At 1199C here in Philadelphia we face a long, hot struggle. With wage and benefit re-openers we know management will do what they have done now for 40 years–demand givebacks. So we are preparing ...
by StewartAcuff
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So, yesterday, a loud crowd of New York labor people and other supporters lined the street to give Scott Walker a message: go home...where you can be recalled. You aren't welcome in New York.
by Tasini
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Scott Walker is bringing his anti middle-class, union-busting act to New York City--and we can show him, on behalf of all Wisconsin workers and workers throughout the nation, that he is not ...
by Tasini
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I just read this on Think Progress: Mississippi Middle School Segregates Student Government Officers: Only Whites Can Run For President I just can't ...
by grannycarol
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An Obama team and Democratic Party that was so successful in 2008 should not have to struggle to win races like this one in Massachusetts. Yes, health care, jobs and other legislative initiatives ...
by Georgeo57
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This is really turning to a familiar pattern. It wasn't really much different with Bush. We were told that we would we greeted as liberators. We were made to believe that the weapons of mass ...
by mitakajp
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A coworker of mine at the Teamsters Union who is also on the School Bus and Transit Worker Campaign wrote an excellent piece to the workers the ...
by Union Review
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Cross-posted from OH-16: John Boccieri for U.S. Congress I love days like today...a blogger's dream! The campaign just pounded so much Mojo at ...
by GARoach
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We have suffered too long and let the GOP define our politics and our policies. We have let them reframe the debate in their context and we have been content to let them, conceding to ourselves ...
by cabaretic
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As Dems work to get out the vote in the next few primaries, a quick reminder of what we know really works when it comes to mobilizing voters.
by nevergiveup
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Toot! Toot! Look out, Kentucky, the Bluegrass Express is coming through!
by shubi101
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A wonderful write up of John Edwards has been posted on Huffington Post by Peter Dreier. The focus of the ...
by DJShay
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by cokids
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by Soj
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by stevehigh
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by Akha Drug War
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