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In comments yesterday I lashed out unfairly against some members here, and made remarks which today, with a nights rest, I now find to be embarrassing. My sincere apologies to Brecht. And to ...
by ZhenRen
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I published a diary this morning while taking a break from teaching a class called "House Republicans Want Dress Code for Sasha & Malia.' I honestly thought the site was from Washington Post, but I ...
by biolife
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I would like to make amends for the diary I wrote about a week ago titled, 'the left would LOSE a civil war'. I was paranoid, I sometimes still am, I often feel that the right keeps upping the ...
by Tausendberg
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that I find particularly relevant right now are these: The wound is the place where the light enters in My yoga teacher quoted them near the end of class today. I have to acknowledge their ...
by teacherken
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A Baltimore Fox station had to apologize to Black Lives Matter protester, Tawanda Jones, after they were busted for deceptively editing a protest chant to say "Kill a cop." The ...
by Walter Einenkel
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The New York Times, a day late and a dollar short, has called for prosecutions for the torture program under the Bush/Cheney White House. To the great dismay of many decent human beings, President ...
by LiberalCanuck
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Yesterday I inadvertantly recced a disgusting and treacherous diary by the now bojoed "Blue Jersey Morn " I was trying to HR this piece of trash but since I seldom press any thing but rec, well, I ...
by River Rover
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Dear friends in the African American community: We as a nation failed you. The system should not be that a cop can angrily confront a person of any color, start a fight with them, and then shoot ...
by Cthulhu
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Photo credit: Michael Gorman, Chronicle Herald On Friday, October 10, 2014, in an historic ceremony in the Red Room of the Nova Scotia Legislature, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil made good on ...
by godzoriz
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More than six weeks after events unfolded in Ferguson, the Police Chief apologized to Michael Brown's parents in a video released by the public relations firm . (Ferguson's public relations firm ...
by shrinkandhammer
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The annual Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta has been one of the nation's largest transgender gatherings. It has taken place for four days in September since 1991. I've never attended myself.
by rserven
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Dear Fellow members of Kos. This is an apology for not being aware of certain rules and regulations concerning posts. I was not aware of what structure was acceptable, I believe I do now. I've ...
by jonnybullet
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Police in Forney, Texas are most certainly color blind, perhaps also car model blind and age blind - but they are almost certainly not race blind. A 911 call came in to them about four black men on ...
by jpmassar
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When I first got on Daily Kos I had no experience with the kind of public debate that happens here. I had been reading DK for almost a year and was used to seeing other people argue back and forth ...
by bastrop
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I spent much of my youth reciting this prayer on a fairly regular basis: I confess to almighty God and to you, my brothers and sisters,* that I have greatly sinned in my thoughts and in my words,
by Capriccio
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You might have noticed that every so often I make a few comments that call out some of the more valued members of the Kos community in a fairly out-of-character way for me. It's not "every so often;"
by Dave in Northridge
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I've spent some time in comments bickering over finer points in the law when it relates to women, trying to maintain a position of logic to seek clarity. And after today's SCOTUS decision, I ...
by The Technomancer
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My email to sent today: Dear Mr. Wright, You don't know me, but your articles brought my Viet Nam era veteran husband to tears. I am one of those many people who so enthusiastically LINKED (not ...
by midgebaker
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by Egberto Willies
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Progressive Politics: Tennessee Style (PPTS) works very hard for consistent accuracy. Sometimes, regardless of our attempts, the show is limited by the words of it's host: me. On-air yesterday I ...
by Bud Fields
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