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first, let me say there are no words. and, with that understanding, journey with me to the Moment of Silence.
by boatsie
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Once there was a moment poised in the middle of the middle of the middle, just like any other moment. Freeman Dyson: The destiny of our species is shaped by the imperatives of survival on six ...
by WarrenS
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by The Poet Deploreate
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“Laws are hard to come by, civilization just as hard” Bill says. “But democracy aims for a moral order as just as possible — which means laws that protect the weak, and not just the strong.”
by jimstaro
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Mike Huckabee happened because we removed education from our schools. Yeah yeah it's not the guns it's the people. Yes. The people you let have guns. How many more have to die? Congress, the NRA, ...
by jbou
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Late Sunday night, as the blogosphere began to buzz with rumors of bin Laden's death, a friend told me the news just as I got a text message: “Osama = dead.” I was surprised, certainly, and felt ...
by JackinStL
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by Jed Lewison
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The United States entered World War I . The "Great War", as it was called, lasted for four years. Our brave military men and women ...
by The 13th Floor
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We all have our opinions of Mr. Russert On Sunday, June 15 at 9am Central time, or whatever time Meet The Press comes on in your area, it would be kind of cool if we observed a moment of blog ...
by swampsparrow
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Journal Gazette: A “moment” is about as nonspecific a term for measuring time as, say, a “smidgen” is for delineating distance or a “tad” for calculating ...
by cscmm
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