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How Fast Does the Earth Rotate? by Fraser Cain, universetoday.com -- May 20, 2013 You might be surprised to know that a spot on the surface of the Earth is moving at 1675 km/h or 465 meters/second.
by jamess
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Your political contribution strategy should be refined before the March 31 cut-off for fundraising covered by 1st quarter filings with the Federal Election Commission. I recommend balancing these ...
by emorej a Hong Kong
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Received this e-mail from one of our favorite Democrats, Former Lt.
by poopdogcomedy
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Have you ever been on a moving bus, when the driver unexpectedly hits the brakes to avoid an obstacle? If you have, you probably noticed the sudden invisible force pulling you off your seat. In ...
by jamess
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by jpmassar
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I have a story to tell, and it ends really good... Not so long ago, and not so far away, nobody liked Romney, including Republicans. His favorables were low, and then we got the 47% tape...now he ...
by Katydid
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Don't let the pundits establish this as a "no mandate" or "status quo" election. Democrats won decisively yesterday, the Tea Party got a strong rebuke, and this is the moment to push hard for what ...
by SRM
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Priorities USA just tweeted the results of their new poll of LVs in Virginia: "NEWS FLASH: Our new Virginia poll for @Priorities2012 has Obama up 49%-46% w/ likely voters. 807 interviews, Thurs-Sat.
by Blue The Bluegrass
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As they say politics are local and I think people need a simple reminder as to what Obama has done to change the course of direction in the swing states, if the path of trajectory continues, people ...
by NMDan
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About that so called Romney Momentum -- Ro-mentum http://youtu.be/...
by jamess
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The small but real Obama bounce is rising even before his blow-out victory over Romney in the Last Debate Am I the Only one who see's that Obama-Biden for America won 3 of the 4 debates? Florida : ...
by BostonBilly
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If you've watched politics on TV over the last several weeks, you've certainly heard that Mitt Romney has the momentum in the presidential race. If you've read some posters here on DKos, you've ...
by Inkin
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New CBS Poll..NOT TRACKING...3 days 18/19/20th Obama 48 Romney 46 was tied Obama has the Momentum Also up in ABC Poll 49-...
by BostonBilly
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I'm a straight shooter. A liberal with bite. I took a lot of flack for my last diary post, titled "Sorry To Disagree, But We're Losing". I know what my politics are and who I'm rooting for. I know ...
by MovieJay
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What beast might I be speaking of? What giant of politics, what hugely insurmountable hill have I climbed, and traversed the crevasse to lay to waste a beast so sought out by both parties? I ...
by idbecrazyif
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by thefarleftside
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I have been pushing hard on fundraising for key Senate and House race. I have been doing this through three Act Blue Sites each with a different focus. My efforts just got another big boost today ...
by mole333
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I have been pushing pretty hard to win this November. Not for Obama. I am sure Obama will win (well...about 90% sure and I have been for some 6 months now). It is Congress I am worried about. We ...
by mole333
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Tonight marks the starting line. Sure we've seen the race coming, we've seen who we're running against but honestly tonight is game night. With the kick off of the DNC we've heard the gun shot in ...
by idbecrazyif
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LINK Rolling into the convention. Should be a good week. Disastrous GOP convention. Empty chairs were talked to. No bounce for Mittens. But these are Democrats we're talking about here. Gov. ...
by TheGreatLeapForward
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