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KanCare, Sam Brownback's attempt at privatizing medicaid expenditures faced a new concern last night, as former Vice President of Sunflower State Health Care Plan Jacqueline Leary took to Federal ...
by Chris Reeves
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Sam Brownback has been making his tour of the state, and recently he found himself in the small town of Chanute Kansas. Chanute had been part of the attack on communities earlier in the year, ...
by Chris Reeves
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It isn't often that Kansas gets to take a lap around the track as the clear #1 in the entire United States of states where the lack of insurance is on the increase. There hasn't been a press ...
by Chris Reeves
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Imagine the qualifications needed for someone to watch over a 50 million dollar a week government program. If you listed a barefoot DUI, campaign fraud, defaulted loans, unpaid taxes, and personal ...
by bluebarnstormer
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Looks like Rep. Michael Grimm (R. NY) isn't the only Republican up for re-election this year the FBI has their eyes on: http://www.hutchnews.com/ap/state/source-fbi-examines-brownback-ally/...
by poopdogcomedy
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In a statement issued in Johnson County last week, Governor Brownback announced that thanks to the savings of KanCare, there would now be money to help clean up one of the nations worst waiting lists.
by Chris Reeves
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In a story posted late on a Saturday night, the Topeka Capital Journal issues out a report on potential illegal lobbying, state fund direction and more that has been going on under the Brownback ...
by Chris Reeves
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When you've got an outgoing Republican putting on a full frontal assault using her office against her sitting governor and legislators, it deserves some attention. https://www.ksinsurance.org/gpa/...
by Chris Reeves
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Today, Pitch Magazine, a Kansas City alternative newspaper released a scathing, on point analysis of Kansas "KanCare" debacle. Since learning of his condition in college, Bullers has slowly lost ...
by Chris Reeves
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