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In Maryland the Register of Will is an elected office with candidates declaring political affiliation. There are around 18 such Registers, one for each county I think. The current Montgomery County ...
by Enterik
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I live in Montgomery County Maryland. Montgomery County is one of the richest counties in the United States with one of the best school system in the nation. Yet the County must cut its budget for ...
by LWelsch
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Do not rec this diary, rec the mothership diary instead . Also please do not post images or videos. This is ...
by alpolitics
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This election cycle, there are no just Judges and Board of Education officials to consider but two County Charter Ammendments as well. Qestion A initiated by act of County Council seeks to repeal ...
by Enterik
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It turns out that regrdless of which Montgomery County, Maryland Board of Education district you live in, you can vote for each district and at-large race on the ballot ($18,000 per year salary and ...
by Enterik
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Embarassingly, I've just figured out I reside within the county's Board of Education (BoE) district 2 ( map ). The ...
by Enterik
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In 1966, the state of Maryland created the Court of Special Appeals (the intermediate appellate Court of Appeals for Maryland) to help reduce the expanding caseload of the existing Court of Appeals. ...
by Enterik
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The sixth circuit of Maryland's Circuit Court is comprised of Montgomery and Frederick Counties ( map ). There are two judges which ...
by Enterik
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If you are like me, you've been focussing on the Presidential election and are fully versed in the issues. Now with a little over a week left, if have looked up from my volunteer efforts on behalf ...
by Enterik
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I don't know about the rest of Maryland but in Montgomery, MD you cannot vote early unless you do so by absentee ballot.
by contessakitty
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Two Pennsylvania Counties, Montgomery and Carbon, have decided to lift their ban prohibiting clothing containing political messages at the polls, a move that will prevent confusion and frustration ...
by Kelly of PA
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Well I've finally taken the time to look into my local ballot. Here's who/what I'll be voting FOR ... PRESIDENT: Barack Obama-Joe Biden HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Chris van ...
by Enterik
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I had a final rush of registrations at my little table at the Silver Spring, MD Metro station as we reached the last day to register to vote in MD, October 14. Almost everyone was grateful that I ...
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*** This is a reposting of my diary from Friday , which was requested because my photos were not viewable to everyone.
by Kelly of PA
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Warning: This is a feel good diary. About a month ago, my aunt and I decided to organize an event to get our community involved in the current election cycle. We wanted to help Senator Obama&...
by Kelly of PA
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Montgomery County, Maryland, ...
by A Siegel
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It's a sad but true observation that many Democrats - likely even many Daily Kos readers - focus so much on state and national races that they don't vote in odd-numbered years. It's also true that, ...
by Conshieguy
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Pennsylvania Republicans may come to regret defeating former Congressman Joe Hoeffel for U.S. Senator by re-electing U.S. Senator Arlen Specter in 2004 for two reasons. First, Specter's iconoclasm ...
by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA
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Some of you may recall the dust-up in my neck of the woods in 2005, when a group of parents stonewalled new sex-ex guidelines in Montgomery County Maryland. They objected to a simple video ...
by Alegre
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by tbrucegodfrey
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