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(Diarist's note: This is a very lengthy diary--one of my longest, in fact--with multiple breaking news stories in it, which convey some very depressing new pieces of information about the current ...
by bobswern
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Religious conservatives, or at least the loud ones, reject the argument of a woman’s right to choose an abortion, because what is at stake isn’t merely choice, but also life. Yet many ...
by DavidsonLoehr
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Over the years, one would observe conservatives belonging to the Republican Party slipping into bed with the church, and identifying with Christianity as an election strategy. That's putting it ...
by Seph Tanner
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There's [http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2010/06/on-bps-many-forms-of-less-than-artful-dodging.html a great post on BP's travesty in the Gulf of Mexico] by Naked Capitalism Publisher Yves Smith, ...
by bobswern
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Hi all, I apologize for the shortness of this diary, perhaps the other longer ones I've written in the past can 'be applied' to this one. This is not really a place/time for me to do anything ...
by BFSkinner
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I know most of you have seen this email. It's an old one, but apparently it's making the rounds again as a tea bagger call to arms. Here it is, with my response, below the fold...
by La Gitane
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Economist Paul Krugman wrote September 11, 2009, 4:48 am Mathematics and economics I’ve been ...
by Mokurai
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DISCLAIMER: This write-up is not to be construed as one that is going against or attacking the Church as a whole, but rather encouraging the Church at this critical time to do what it ...
by janicegwashington
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Dick Cheney gave a speech last Thursday in which he assured us that “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e.: torture) ...
by Civil Writes Activist
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The American government has recently been involved in some dirty behavior involving their methods of detaining domestic and foreign terrorist prisoners. The torture tactics reported by the media go ...
by zimbeo
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Water-boarding and other various forms of torture are just that, torture. They'll satisfy themselves by calling humane treatment of any enemy 'giving comfort to the enemy' so now, humane treatment ...
by Vayle
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I’ve been going back and forth on the topic of the prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitiz, Rice, Halliburton, et all. There are well conceived and persuasive views from both sides being ...
by A Southerner in Yankeeland
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( Snark Note: I am not a health care provider, but I sometimes play one on the internets.) From the effective date of the recently published 45 CFR Part 88 I "refuse to ...
by Into The Woods
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A quick fable with a moral that would be good advice for our incoming Secretary of State.
by dadlyedly
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Today we see the Republican Party divided among themselves. The Republicans have forsaken the organization of the Senate and House bypassing the Chairmanship and Leadership structure and attempting ...
by guerchiotti56
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Several years ago, when I was practicing the craft of journalism in a small town, a co-worker who was disappointed with the community's exceedingly shallow dating pool planned a trip to Nevada. His ...
by dsjwriter
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We've all heard of the moral majority and values voters. Somehow, somewhere we forgot that we are all value voters and that we all have a stake in morality. The conservative movement shrivelled a ...
by Timothy Scriven
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Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Revd Rowan Williams, has denounced U.S. foreign policy in Iraq and stated that they have lost the moral high ground since 9/11.
by Rob Stevenson
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There has been a lot of debate on Dkos lately regarding religion and what role, if any, it should have in politics or government. Most seemingly agreed that religion and politics are a dangerous mix,
by Fallon
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Sometimes I can't believe that I am truly reading the words of people who claim to support America. Alexander Hamilton had it right - “If it be asked, What is the most sacred duty and the ...
by idcirco
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