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Media Matters posted a clip of the insipid "Fox & Friends" crew doing damage control for George W. Bush wannabe Rick Perry.
by Dr Jeff Gilooly
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Idiocracy was a comedic movie not an extended, theatrical white paper to inform long term policy. You will actually have to do something about revenue. I know that everyone tells you, over and over,
by Slackermagee
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This may not be a diary, but Lawrence O'Donnell just called out a CBPP press release that you all really need to have a look at:
by malharden
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I'm leaving this site. Overall, Kossacks have treated me much much better here than I deserve. They've certainly thought more of my diaries and my writing than I deserve. I love 99.9% of Kossacks to ...
by Fishgrease
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(Alt. title: Act like you’ve seen a recession before ) US debt as a percentage of GDP following WWII: About 120% US debt as a percentage of GDP following the 9/11 wars, Bush tax cuts, ...
by Liberal Capitalist
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OMFG. I really don't know what to say about this woman, other than: WHAT A FUCKING PSYCHO! Never miss an opportunity to call Obama a wimp is clearly her philosophy. ...
by taylormattd
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My communication to a friend who was put off by my referring to the Tea Party as morons. It's long. Let me know your schedule over the next couple weeks. I would be glad to connect for ...
by Liberal Capitalist
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Do you frequently get the feeling that someone talking on TV or radio is not really the pundit or sage news analyst they purport to be, but a complete moron instead? Watching coverage of the State ...
by DisgruntledCurmudgeon
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I don't normally read wingnuts, but....
by zagrobelny
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An article in MIT's Technology Review, Chatbot Wears Down Proponents of Anti-Science Nonsense , tells us about one frustrated ...
by Troubadour
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A local Tea Party group here in Michigan thought it was be a on the 666th ...
by Hesiod
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I am going to be in DC next weekend and, lo and behold, so is Mr. Beck and his traveling band of buffoons. I was originally hoping to head to The Smithsonian or some other museum, but I think this ...
by gunny6247
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Now the BP engineers gets graded. By deep water ROV engineers, camera and 3D experts and real scientists.
by vets74
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I'm not sure, is it a requirement that to go from being a business executive to a politician, you need to get your brains stirred with a hot poker or something? Or is it simply that only the dumbest (
by Adama D Brown
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Via the Huffington Post (and Alan Colmes Liberland) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/20/whites-only-basketball-le_n_429281.html A whites-only basketball league aims to launch in ...
by onanyes
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Crossposted from ePluribus Media .Scott Brown, R-Teabagger, Bush ...
by GreyHawk
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Okay, I've had enough of these motherfrackers who think that we should torture the living shit out of people to get the "information" they supposedly have - now the schmuck who set fire to his "...
by Animeraider
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You know what? I'm not sorry anymore. Yesterday I wrote a diary ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Of course, you think that I am kidding right? Well, I follow Notre Dame football (my favorite teams are Navy (undergraduate), Texas (home town and I got my graduate degree there) and Notre Dame (...
by onanyes
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When tea party types are asked to explain their placards comparing President Obama to Adolph Hitler, their answers are often - well - unsophisticated. That makes it pretty easy for us to then see ...
by laborlou
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