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I'm glued to PBS's Tehran bureau, al Jazeera and whyweprotest.net these days, waiting to see if the heady scent of jasmine-laced freedom is strong enough to bring the bloody, inhumane rule of ...
by Dicot
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You are in the the 110th Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising and other uprisings spreading throughout the Mideast. We stand with our international friends and their courageous ...
by UnaSpenser
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Amidst the constant political posturing on Iran, most people at least acknowledge that measures should be taken to minimize the impact of sanctions on the Iranian people. People around the world ...
by Rebecca Griffin
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Ahmadinejad and the Supreme Leader are adding fuel to the fire of a new Iranian revolution. Why we could be on the cusp of significant changes in the Middle East.
by r2wildfire
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I'll admit it. I've been as bad as the news agencies at ignoring Iran this weekend. I heard that things were afoot, that the protests I'...
by Fletcher Christensen
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Like many of you, I intensely watched the Iranian protests in June, and cheered on the demonstrators, was shocked to see the photos of Neda and the others who were killed, and hoped-apparently in ...
by lexington1
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So Mousavi has written a letter to Karoubi supporting him in his claims that some detainees arrested in Iran for protesting the farcical election ...
by Keith Moon
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Iran doesn't seem to making news so much lately, but the Green people of Iran are still fighting. Here is a beautiful piece written by a young Iranian about what's going on there now.
by MillieNeon
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You know, the place that seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth since Michael Jackson died? Well, there's still news coming out-some of it hopeful, and some of it truly sickening. More below.
by lexington1
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Well, here's my first attempt at making a photo-collage & music video ( "Stand By Me", the duet by Bon Jovi and Richie ...
by Knightrider
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What, you didn't read that? Well, that's because the headlines read the opposite:
by elishastephens
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A few days ago the Iranian film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf uploaded a video of him giving a message to Mousavi from the Iranian people. The ...
by Mithridates
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The rebellion in the streets of Iran has taught us that in a world of technology and social networking, oppressive regimes no longer can operate in the dark. The world's reaction to the brutal ...
by David A Love
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Both Andrew Sullivan and Al ...
by NLinStPaul
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Why are some people across the political spectrum criticizing the President's stance and tone when it comes to what is going on in Iran? Why are they insisting, pushing and demanding the ...
by Bizzhub
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Mr. Mousavi must either immediately and actively lead the movement to a general strike and a true non-violent civil disobedience with the goal of stopping the economic machine of the Islamic ...
by David Etebari
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Originally published on June 22, 2009 at Yo Mama For Obama The citizenry of Iran is fighting tooth and nail for what is EVERY human being’s right: freedom. This ...
by yomamaforobama
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I've created some word clouds from http://www.wordle.net/ from speeches given over the past days in the wake of the Iran election, as reported/translated ...
by merrily1000
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Embedding of this YouTube video has been “disabled by request” but it still can be viewed via this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGcSU7FcgQw Little ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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Usually the Left's POV is pretty cut and dried. We are for healthcare, against Republican hypocrite perverts, for Chavez, against waterboarding, etc. But I STILL don't know who the good guys ...
by jpstillwater
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