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Today is Earth Day, and this year there is both very bad and very good news. For the first time in millions of years, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached 400 parts per ...
by Eric Stetson
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Tomorrow, Wed. Sept. 18th at noon, Boston City Council is voting on a progressive banking ordinance that requires banks to compete for Boston's more than one billion in deposits by proving they (the ...
by brighton
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The Greedy Oil Party is supported by the 1%, the Billionaires who dodge taxes, pollute our environment, exploit workers worldwide, and basically screw us over every way they can. Many of the ...
by mole333
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Yeah, I'm running late on the whole move your money thing. It's been on my to do list but I never got around to it and then Wells Fargo waved the monthly checking account fee for people with ...
by jusjtim35
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Today is the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Time to remind people some of the key aspects of what we are fighting for. One of the main things is the big banks in America are largely responsible ...
by mole333
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The Democratic Party is emulating Markos. Even while the move your money movement was taking tens of billions of dollars out of Wall Street, even as ...
by Laura Clawson
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To emphasize the importance of individuals using credit unions and local banks, more than sixty activists gathered in southeast Fresno, CA for a press conference at noon yesterday. As reported in ...
by ybruti
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I continue to focus on divestment from the worst of the banks as a clear way we can all fight against the right wing control of the American economy. The more people who "move their money" the ...
by mole333
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Sandy, Hospitality Manager—Madison Music Foundry (Mike Olson) Every Tuesday evening I make the same trip down McKee Rd, turn left on to Fish Hatchery past the crumbling remains of my father’s ...
by Mark E Andersen
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I am happy to say that after almost 4 months of preparations, I finally closed my Bank of America checking and savings accounts. This wasn't a BofA account to begin with. They bought my local ...
by EagleOfFreedom
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This morning I got a telephone call from a dear old friend, another one of my college friends who was my intellectual and political brother. We were and remain kindred spirits and knew back in the ...
by RWN
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Well, I finally did it: I closed my accounts at Wells Fargo Bank on Monday morning. It feels great! Of course, a lot of people have been getting out of the too-big-to-fail banks; I knew they were ...
by where4art
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The title of this diary refers to the award-winning Girl Genius on line graphic novel/gaslamp fantasy of a decidedly steampunk flavor. I bring ...
by xaxnar
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After a month-long series of letters and conversations between ...
by brooklynbadboy
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I have been livid about the financial industry and the destruction of our nation's middle class by the greedy class. I have lost sleep over it. I have experienced it first hand. My home is not ...
by prgsvmama26
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I've run up on an issue in the Move Your Money campaign that I think needs addressing. I don't know the answer, and I'm looking to you for suggestions.
by davehouck
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After millions of individuals moved their money from the megabanks into credit unions, city governments are following suit. First it was Seattle and now Portland considering the idea ...
by Johnnythebandit
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Rep. Peter ...
by Joan McCarter
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How's the coverage of Occupy in you area?
by divineorder
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This is a short, Move Your Money, and call to action diary.
by YellerDog
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