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Hi ya'll, I just got back from a 3 movie day. I saw in the following order: GI Joe, 500 Days of Summer, & The Time Traveler's Wife. I just gonna post a comment in an open thread about about them,
by lamh3176
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Dear Ms. Bullock, I have been a fan since Speed back in 1994 when I was barely 9. So it pains me to see one of my favorite actors make a movie that doesn’t paint a fair picture of U.S. ...
by MAGraduate
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I am going to give my thoughts on the movie. I will mark parts of my review where there'll be spoilers. Before reading, you should see the movie. I do not want my opinion to sway your own view of ...
by exotrip
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There's a lot to recommend Gus Van Sant's _Milk_ on political and historical grounds. But for reasons both diverting and serious Sean Penn's smile binds it together and lifts it up. Penn's ...
by Laura Clawson
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I'm so stoked. John Cusack cross-posted my review of his movie War, Inc. from Progressive Blue ...
by be inspired
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A little off the beaten path for this diary. Instead of pointing you toward issue-oriented docs I'd like to draw your attention to Werner Herzog's new film about Antarctica. Hopefully it's playing ...
by jeph
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For the record, I can't stand James Carville. In many ways he represents the absolute wrong path for Democrats to take. Once upon a time he provided some much need direction to a party lost in the ...
by jeph
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Yet another review in my "documentaries you should see" series. The Devil Came On Horseback came out about a year ago and it's appalling to me that so little has been done to stem yet ...
by jeph
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Sometimes good intentions and an excess of smarts aren't enough. It's true in politics and it's true in movies. Case in point John Cusack's War, Inc. It's ambitious, occassionally ...
by jeph
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I still vaguely remember the night in 1993, fiddling around with my mono T.V.'s dog-ear antennas, trying to find something to watch, and happening across this show on Fox. Spooky music, F.B.I. agents,
by Larry Madill
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Scientists tell us that the neurological mechanisms of memory appear to be same as the mechanisms by which we anticipate, and plan for the future. It's one of those ideas that, once you hear it, ...
by grumpynerd
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NOTE: This review is rated "R" for liberal ideation, full-frontal hope-mongering and cannibalism. Keep little Julie and Johnny Kossack off this post! Spoilers inside. The ...
by Tortmaster
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