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If you're a sports fan as I am of several sports, have you ever wondered who the greatest athlete ever was. If so, who among the greatest was your favorite of all time? In late ...
by JekyllnHyde
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by CityLightsLover
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W e've all, at some point or another in our lives, had this fantasy. Whether we perceive modern life as too hurried, unsatisfying, devoid of meaning, or we see ourselves as slaves to the ...
by JekyllnHyde
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by Meteor Blades
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As opening day of another pro football season approaches I’d like to call on all athletes with a hint of progressivism and especially if you are of color to treat Fox Sports with the cold ...
by Adept2u
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Opponents to Health Care Are Punching Themselves Out As I watched the episode recently about Muhammad Ali from VH1's Lords of the Revolution, a five-part series that chronicles cultural game-...
by John Michael Spinelli
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While working on the additions to my Nation magazine cover for a poster I started asking questions... Why Bayard Rustin but not Paul Lawrence Dunbar? Why Malcom X and not Ralph Ellison? ...
by johnmav
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Over the past forty five years, (as of today), I've collected a healthy group of heroes who were all born on the 17th of January. Benjamin Franklin, Muhammad Ali and Steve Earle. They come to ...
by Caoimhin Laochdha
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If you thought I was talking about Barack Obama, a man whose middle name was given to him by someone who obviously didn't think he would run for president, shame on you! No, this one will make you ...
by French Guy
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It's certainly not an original comparison, and I've certainly used the analogy ad nauseum in diaries and comments on this and other sites. But, Obama is playing the 2008 election like a masterful ...
by Woochifer
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Does this remind you of tonight? During the bout, Ali employed an unexpected strategy. Leading up to the fight, he had declared he was going to "dance" and use his speed to keep away ...
by mhanch
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(Cross-posted and updated from Obamaism.org ) There have been news reports that Barack Obama is going to try precisely to do that, i.e., make McCain ...
by David Boyle
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Random notes on recent events: I think I would like a browser called Crone. Does anyone remember that the original original Maverick as played by James Garner in the ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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For what it's worth, my theory on the RNC and the response to Gustav is as follows (and yes I know lots of people have stated some of these things - I am not claiming originality just expressing the ...
by ResponsibleAccountable
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Republicans think they can counteract Barack Obama's appeal by putting up stick figures. This reveals nothing so much as their lack of creativity. When Obama ran for Senate in Illinois, those ...
by CheeseMoose
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The comparisons of Barack Obama with Muhammad Ali and his famous rope-a-dope fight strategy have flown fast and furious in the past week. Last ...
by Woochifer
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Well here goes for my first one... I do not know how many folks saw this news as reported last night on Countdown, but I think it is a big deal: Muhammad Ali asked to and will attend the ...
by Steve In DC
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According to Howard Finneman @ Newsweek Mohommed Ali contacted Obama's headquarters requesting attendence to his acceptance speech. According to Howard Finneman Ali stated due to the historic nature ...
by TJsMom
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Is there any doubt that the handwringing thorughout the blogosphere was unwarranted? I've argued in comments that the hard work would begin just after the convention in comments in other diaries.
by EntrWriter
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. . .our fingerprints are everywhere on you america, our fingerprints are everywhere, Cesaire told you that our family strewn around the world has made more parts of ...
by Sansouci
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