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This is a well written well thought out piece by Arundhati Roy, writer activist anti Globalist. She is the author of "The God of Small Things". My favorite comment of her was directed at Tom Friedman,
by Jamesleo
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I have something to give to my Kossacks and my friends all around the world .... Hugs! Hugs as a comfort, Hugs sharing my love, Hugs to ease your pain, Hugs that emphatise with you, Hugs ...
by DEMindia
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Earlier, a diary by Inky99 linked a report in The Hindu that John and Joe suggested missile strikes on Pakistan by India would not be ...
by randomsubu
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There is a bit of irony, or perhaps prescience, in today's "Washington Post." Richard Clarke offers ...
by teacherken
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Pakistani villagers confirm it's the home of Mumbai killer FARIDKOT, near Depalpur, Pakistan — The lone gunman captured ...
by nova22033
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The New York Times has an article about the perpetrators of the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Turns out, those of us who said the attack was the work of Pakistani jihadis were right.
by nova22033
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I finally figured it out: Being ass stupid is addictive. No, really, trust me on this. They key feature of addiction is the compulsion to continue behaviors despite severely adverse life outcomes.
by Compound F
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By Nezua, The Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger It was immediately obvious this week that the Mumbai attacks would be the ...
by The Media Consortium
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The Bush/Cheney administration has blighted America for nearly 8 years now with an unending parade of corruption, cronyism, malice, incompetence and just plain evil (see: torture). I have tried to ...
by Ralphdog
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Ko's and Kossacks, I wish for something similar to dailykos in India! Everyone whether he is a wingnut or a moon bat would agree what change dailykos and liberal media has brought in US. We ...
by DEMindia
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New Age guru Deepak Chopra is in a Right Wing media shitstorm for his ("unpatriotic/unAmerican") remarks on the Mumbai attacks. Deepak ...
by zow
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A new Presidential policy on religiously defined terrorism should act in three directions: (1) Work to strengthen those in every religious community -- beginning with those in American mosques and ...
by Awaskow
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As various costs in life, limb and property are calculated in the Mumbai Massacre, The Hindu has an article on the life and times of the lone captured gunman Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman (aka Qasab / ...
by nataraj
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Today's Wall Street Journal carries an opinion piece that calls out " many [in the] prominent Western media [...
by usreeb
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A few weeks ago, I decided that I would resume my (bad?) habit of writing the strange and vivid dreams I sometimes have into stories. I had dreamed, you see, that I'd awoken in an empty house, come ...
by Shaviv
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In today's world, there are so many strifes between factions that have been playing out for generations. And it is true that both sides in most ongoing conflicts have suffered great injustices at ...
by War on Error
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Over the weekend I attended a Jewish service (at a "schull" "shuul" or "schuul," get used to me using that term for synagogue or temple) for a friend's baby-naming ceremony. The baby was a ...
by SteamPunkX
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I don't mean to imply that Bush was part of the planning of these recent terrorist actions, but that, like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Bush's incompetence made things worse.
by Anthony de Jesus
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With the heat turned up as high as it can get between India and Pakistan, the madness going on in Thailand, the new tough talking Russians, the shaky Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqis and ...
by lbines
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The tragedy of this past week's massacre in Mumbai adds yet another chapter to the specific targetting of Jews and Jewish centers by terrorist groups. It has become an all too familiar pattern-just ...
by ModerateFundamentalist
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