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Progressive Libertarian Democrat Larry Tunner comments on the state of health care in America below the squiggle.
by Kuntawpwnsyou
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Bob Iritano died Thursday. He had cancer. He was 51 years old. And the reason Bob Iritano died this ...
by occams hatchet
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My 40th college reunion is coming up. I hadn't planned to go, but after writing the note below as part of my note for the web page, I'm considering it. I got a bit carried away writing the ...
by david78209
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Governor suspends HIP enrollment Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said he ordered ...
by HoosierDeb
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This is an update on my friend, Will, who's story I told here: "Something Fierce and Imperishable...."
by KibbutzAmiad
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The media thinks it's funny, the fight over healthcare reform. Rick Sanchez was yukking it up, showing the various strident speeches from members of both parties. I guess he had a better day than ...
by KibbutzAmiad
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Stacie Ritter is a hardworking mother of twins from Pennsylvania. Because her insurer, CIGNA, wouldn't cover their treatment, Stacie lost everything. Today, she's off to one ...
by TomP
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I am pissed. What kind of people work for the murder by spreadsheet industry? I guess denying claims day after day, knowing people will suffer, and in some cases, even die, dehumanizes them. But ...
by TomP
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Just heard on the news that Crystal Lee Sutton, the inspiration for the movie "Norma Rae," died of untreated brain cancer because her insurance company refused to pay. More at Huffington Post:
by CoolOnion
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I encouraged my sister to write a letter to Conrad, Dorgan and Pomeroy because her situation is exactly the kind of thing we are fighting to solve. I don't know if it will penetrate their thick ...
by writerofag
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Death Panels are real. They meet every day and make decisions on who will live and who will die. They convene in corporate conference rooms in major cities across America. Every day.
by schuylkill
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Obviously, like many Kossacks, I have been following the health care fight for some time. Over the last 24 hours, it 'seems' that Americans have lost a major battle, but I am not sure. I want some ...
by Captain Janeway
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The protesters are winning even when they lose, because if the cyclopean eye of the MSM is on the protesters, then they are not talking about the merits of the various plans, and they are not ...
by blue aardvark
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I've watched in disbelief how the "debate" about healthcare reform has morphed into something very ugly. The Republicans are obviously to blame for allowing the rhetoric to spiral out of control. ...
by snickers
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This is the last day Congress will be in session until the last week in August. The Senators and Congresscritters are getting their Vacay. They weaseled their way out of doing anything about the ...
by Pris from LA
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ACTION: Contact HHS and The White House to let them know that if there is a No Robust Public Option, there is NO REFORM! Contact Information provided below.
by MinistryOfTruth
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Well, the Dems and the GOPers have reached their predictable impasse. But, Nobody knows about single payer, and thats the way they want it. Single Payer works, its the solution many other ...
by Andiamo
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I read this amazing story about a woman who was mauled by a bear (No doubt a mistaken Mauling) and then Seriously mauled by Blue Cross. As she says, "I lost my face to the bear for a day, before it ...
by nathguy
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Yes, the same "public servants", who serve the interests of for-profit health insurers, one of the most hated industries in the United States, are the people who have been entrusted to fix our ...
by nyceve
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With good reason, we set aside this day to remember those who have died in our country's wars. Hopefully, in doing so, we set aside for a moment the doubts we may have had about whether their ...
by Chico David RN
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