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One of the greatest reasons home school advocates give for home schooling is that the want to be closer to God. They want to move away from public sex ed. Evolution. And so many other harms in the ...
by Chris Reeves
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In no particular order, here are some sober predictions for the immediate future. 1. President Obama will announce that alien life has been detected. Before he leaves office, with proper ...
by agnostic
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Yesterday, I wanted to focus on some of the negative email and responses I received in light of speaking out on vaccines. There was another side to the response I received on DailyKos and ...
by Chris Reeves
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With so much debate around the seeming return of Measles - in part spurred by those who were not vaccinated, and putting more at risk, many friends have reminded me of this statement about the ...
by Chris Reeves
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I will share my ideas on issues here. I hope to try to find a 'Higher Ground' -- not to argue points and counter points but rather to look at the issues and see how a win-win solution can be created.
by JeannieG
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This is just a one off diary, back to normal later.. as my facebook news feed fills with commentators offering trendy advice such as: This ignorance of our race....Act like animals? then you will ...
by Chris Reeves
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Over the last few days, my diaries earlier in the week regarding the Kansas Democratic Party circulated in a very, very wide way. I heard about it at the Johnson County Democratic Party Meeting. ...
by Chris Reeves
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We've all been through our breakdowns of what happened. We all feel bad that in states that Mitt Romney won in 2012, Democrats didn't fair so well in a midterm election. This morning, I posted a ...
by Chris Reeves
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I've been asked by several print magazines to write very short post-mortems on many of the races in Kansas as well as an overall look at the race. Below, I'm posting some of my musings but not a ...
by Chris Reeves
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The drought in the Southwest troubles me incredibly. I'm here in Michigan where we seem to have an inexhaustible supply of fresh water. Six quadrillion gallons of the stuff pounding the shorelines ...
by Muskegon Critic
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my macbook pro decided to go chips up (or down) one week before my apple care expired. they replaced the logic board (try da mutha), the hard drive, the track pad, the fan and a week later the ...
by edrie
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So, I'm on a nursery rhyme/kiddie lit kick lately. I blame this phenomenon on the impending 18th birthday of my younger child. One thing I notice about nursery rhymes is that many of them tend to ...
by Renee in Ohio
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This is just a short diary musing on the Right Wing. I mean, they insisted on always using the full Barack Hussein Obama as a way of guiding the conversation and guide the public conscious toward ...
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It's easy to dismiss entertainment-related commentary as frivolous when there are so many more immediate considerations, but I've been moved enough by some movies and TV shows to understand that ...
by Troubadour
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These are just some general musings that I have no illusions about being original, but it seems to me there are six stages of how the political and social establishment relates to a grassroots mass ...
by Troubadour
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Liberal icon Charlie Rangel (D-NY13) knows a thing or two about military service. When he was twenty he found himself in the still functionally segregated United States Army, in a place called Kunu-...
by DaNang65
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I've seen speculation diaries, comments, armchair psychology from all sides while condemning the same. Stop it. More below the dooblydoo.
by Mortifyd
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I give to you, some words of wit from the great grandson John F. Fitzgerald, a man who "led the Democratic Party in Boston and made sure the party would look out for the families of all those whom ...
by jamess
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All is well over here in the Free People's Republic of Germany, safe from the hollow points of the Weather Service as well as the perpetual intellectual flatulence of the deep-fried Chick Fil A crowd,
by timtimes
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Words spoken by Clint Eastwood in his role as Dirty Harry, Inspector Harry Callahan, in Magnum Force. I suppose they can serve as a cautionary, even if the phrasing may not be absolutely on target.
by teacherken
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