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Missouri State Sen. Jane Cunningham, R-Chesterfield, a public school basher through four terms in the House and her first year in the Senate is at it again. For the third consecutive year, two ...
by rturner229
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This past summer, The Opportunity Agenda conducted a scan ( PDF ) to determine ...
by The Opportunity Agenda
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From the Associated Press comes a sweet story, an innocent story about helping endangered wildlife in ...
by skaboomizzy
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I have decided to write this diary which is my first because I am sick and tired of the constant arrogance being displayed by Fox News Corp. I have always wondered why this network would display ...
by Leftside Defender
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The International Red Cross and Red Crescent can be best understood as a collection of pieces building a whole. In my first piece, I told ...
by jimluce
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Today's Financial Times is reporting that the U.S. Marines have prohibited their members from using social networking Web sites, including Facebook and Twitter:
by lysias
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I am going to urge you to read a disturbing news article in today's Virginia Pilot entitled Teen accused in Landstown bomb plot 'hard to miss' .
by teacherken
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There are few things more disgusting than a grown woman creating an internet persona for purpose of causing mental harm to a 13 year-old girl, as Lori Drew did, and yet, the news today that her ...
by AmbroseBurnside
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I have been surfing MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter this evening and discovered some incredible poster artwork focusing on the valiant struggle against tyranny now underway in Iran. As we have seen ...
by David Drissel
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It will be blogged and Twittered and Facebooked and MySpaced. It will be blackberried and iPhoned and texted on millions of devices. The difference between today and previous periods of uprising ...
by orleansd
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Um, not to brag, but we’re assuming you’ve heard of Planned Parenthood . You might know us from ...
by Planned Parenthood
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Last week I was browsing in a large magazine store at a commuter train station. It occupies a large semi-open air space where commuters naturally pass through. I had grabbed several magazines from ...
by DrSteveB
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Last night, a small, dedicated group of Kossacks helped me do some research into Richard Poplawski, the man who killed three Pittsburgh policemen and wounded others after they respond to a call about,
by MiscellanyMan
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We've been hearing a lot about it lately. The front-pagers have all descended upon Twitter en masse. We've argued about whether we should or shouldn't be on Facebook, and about whether we should ...
by hyperbolic pants explosion
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Do you like poking people or writing upon their walls? Enjoy twittering and tweeting in a dark corner? Then, this story is all about you. Award-winning journalist and satirist Walter Brasch looks at ...
by brasch
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I haven't seen this diaried yet, but I got this from the Facebook application "Causes." It comes from someone named Tim, and I don't know if it's either of the Tims on my list or some other Tim. ...
by dwayne
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I have drafted the following e-mail with hopes of debunking some of the Obama-myths that have been polluting cyberspace. Please forward it to your friends and neighbors. If you have a facebook or ...
by Stella 4 Obama
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Looks like the tough times are coming with some pretty big job losses. No doubt many of the folks here will be trying to start new businesses. This isn't a usual topic for dKos, but I thought the ...
by nodular
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Well, the political discussions between me and my PUMA friend never cease to amaze me. I posted this video from the recommended diary up top to my MySpace in a bulletin:
by Elegant Blogosphere
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As I've happened to play a little poker online, for the first time, I'e come a lot of people from Ohio. All really nice and fun to play with. I also began asking them about the election, a lot of ...
by slampros
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