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Just heard of a death in my family. Before traveling & having less time for Daily Kos, here are links to some other people's diaries on wording, framing, etc. I haven't had a chance yet to read ...
by workingwords
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I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but there are a few things at play over the next day and it is obviously very important to get ahead of the narrative before some of the typical “...
by clammyc
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In all the annals of media stupid this silly season, we may have a winner. At least in the "usually sane outlet" category (the other one, WND pretty much has a lock). You want a horse-race ...
by The Stig
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Ah, what is it about conservatives in which they like to preemptively gloat, or quickly over wear their welcome? The meme's are hitting fast and furious. We've already seen the "stray Ohio poll ...
by superseiyan
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What do republicans have democrats beat on almost everytime? Their uncanny ability to deny reality no matter what anyone says. You've seen it time and time again for years, from W's claim of WMDs ...
by maddrailin
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Today we get the same news from Rasmussen, Gallup, Rand as we did from PPP and Reuters yesterday. Romney had a surge on Thursday and Friday and by Saturday the polls reverted back to pre-debate ...
by JPSander
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President Obama will be giving an amazing speech at the Convention this week. However, it will not create the narrative that will best position himself with independents and fence-sitters. This ...
by OKR
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Push back on the $716b is fine but it is too broad. Maybe it is just how we think, but after years of watching the other side turn our strengths into weaknesses we seem not to have learned the ...
by Judeling
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This morning, DemFromCt posted a book review of Ian Reifowitz's Obama's America: A Transformative Vision of Our National Identity. Also included was a brief interview with the author, who, in ...
by swellsman
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Last week I read that Newt Gingrich, in an exchange with a young black man, told him that all young people should be angry about the high unemployment rate amongst young African Americans because ...
by scottforamerica
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A small but creative public act that happened in Berlin in 1988 is seen today as something of a milestone. It also ...
by alonsoquijote
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Ne'er do Well: My Father's Missing Middle Name I am an adopted Mobilian. I chose to come back here after being part of the diaspora that fled in the 70's when the world seemed less violent ...
by alabamaliberal
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When it comes to the cognitive understanding of the world around us, the most powerful influence is a clear (and generally-accepted) narrative. And often, a narrative that has either been widely ...
by Ray Pensador
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All they want to do is fly.
by Bonifer
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I keep trying to think of ways to adapt the Democrats issues into something more reasonable moderates and Repub voters can relate to. To me, this means rallying around an issue that affects all of ...
by TBug
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Having never experienced an earthquake before yesterday afternoon, I don’t have a lot of creative metaphors to share. That's usually what one turns to in order to describe an unusual event for ...
by cabaretic
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This diary began as a response to a DailyKos piece that can be read in context here:
by Kurt Sperry
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In which I analyze events, individuals, organizations and communities, through the lens of improvisation. Begins a series...
by Bonifer
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The White House, as detailed on Kos by Hunter, pointed out that Standard and Poor'
by The Geogre
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I'm sorry if I don't feel like joining the pity party here, the prognostications of woe and whatnot. It's not that I'm having any more fun than you are, or are much more pleased with the results. ...
by Stephen Daugherty
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