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The newsrooms are a buzz with the information that was just released from the Federal Aviation Administration on the potential impacts of the Sequestration.   Sequestration is the name given to the ...
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There has recently been a tidal wave of Air Traffic Controllers falling asleep on the job, during late night shifts, when often staying awake presents the single most daunting challenge they'll face ...
by Toriach
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(Cross-posted from emptywheel ) They're calling it a ...
by emptywheel
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Disclaimer: Through the course of my work on netroots events, I have had a limited working relationship with NATCA, encouraging them to become more involved in the netroots via partnerships and ...
by Jen Hayden
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If you're like me and haven't bothered to subscribe to DailyKos yet (and believe me, I've been meaning to do so... actually, I just did now, so no more ads for me!) then you've probably noticed a ...
by Blue Eyed Buddhist
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Man, sometimes my work blog writes itself. Remember how horrible this year has been for air traffic delays? Hours spent stuck in planes, missed connections, ...
by Blue Eyed Buddhist
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