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MIC money funnel | we have better things that need doing Rachel Maddow and her team did some poking around and uncovered a story that heretofore seems to have flown under the radar. We spent half ...
by Eric Nelson
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(2009) Iraqi Kurdistan has turned out to be “one of the most successful nation-building projects in American history.” Fortunately, oil prices may take a dip soon if the constitutional crisis ...
by annieli
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This shows the experiments in nation building necessitated by George W. Bush's invasion of Afghanistan and his unprovoked invasion of Iraq have been resounding failures according to the 2013 ...
by Lefty Coaster
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When they got you over barrel -- what are you gonna do? You pull up, and you pay their latest price ... petro, you gotta have it. Oil thirst rising as Iraq unrest boosts prices by Wendy ...
by jamess
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America weeds but does not garden, and it deliberately conflates Modernity with Occidentalism. Its failure to build states, much less nations, and conflation of Progress with Mimicry has predictably ...
by Tom Lum Forest
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I was curious, since my Media Machine had yet to inform me: What in the world is the "Syrian civil war" all about? (" 'Civil' war" -- talk about Orwellian euphemisms.) Syrian civil war -- ...
by jamess
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Maybe someday we'll outgrow it ... our historic need for more power and more resources -- whatever the immediate cost. United States military casualties of war Total American Deaths by ...
by jamess
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It has been ten years this month since the U.S. invasion of Iraq under the Bush Administration. March 19th is Shock and Awe day. This milestone is a useful one for reassessing of our wars in the ...
by cosmic debris
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Some senators are raising the roof, even though it's under the purview of the current Democratic Administration. Imagine that. Democratic Senator Questions Administration's Drone Program npr.org --
by jamess
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The World sees our National Debt (investing in our T-Bills) as a "Flight to Safety;" as Opportunity. In fact, a significant portion of Americans see it the same way: Don't bet against America -- ...
by jamess
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What happens? The severe European downdraft happens ... Austerity Fails : European Nations See Debt Grow Despite Deep Spending Cuts by Pat Garofalo, thinkprogress.org -- Jan 23, 2013 Since the ...
by jamess
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History of the Word Filibuster from NPR, All Things Considered, Listen -- May 18, 2005 MICHELE NORRIS: The word 'filibuster' comes from piracy . MELISSA BLOCK: The term first appeared in the ...
by jamess
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Republicans are in a bind. Do they change with the times, with the American people; or do they hang onto the past, and their anti-government rhetoric? Decisions, decisions. Choose A, and ...
by jamess
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The Big Bait and Switch, going on in DC, which is: Medicare, Medicare, Social Security -- are NOT the cause of our Financial Debt problems. Our unpaid-for wars are, the housing bust is, the Bush ...
by jamess
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Meet Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Rep Blackburn: " Partial Government shutdown may be necessary ." Rep Blackburn: "Kicking the can down the road has come to a stop. We got the can . It'
by jamess
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sanc·ti·mo·nious 1: hypocritically pious or devout ya·hoo 1 capitalized: a member of a race of brutes in Swift's Gulliver's Travels who have the form and all the vices of humans 2: a boorish,
by jamess
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You ever notice at Thanksgiving, that it's always those people taking the biggest slices of pie, and the biggest piles of stuffing -- that are the first to tell you, THAT YOU should go on a Diet? A ...
by jamess
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More compassion, famine relief, clean water, well-funded schools, community farms, more opportunity to thrive and flourish. Those would be the results of a world with an axis -- that did not spin ...
by jamess
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If you had to decide to keep millions employed, and keep a important skill-set industry vital; Or let an entire industry Go Bankrupt , sold off for parts to pay the bank-rollers, -- Which would ...
by jamess
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First the dodgy Op-Ed, penned by one sketchy Candidate. You really don't have to read the "fine print" to get who's side Mr. Dodgy is on ... Let Detroit Go Bankrupt by MITT ROMNEY, Op-Ed ...
by jamess
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