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And by those 'Responsibilities' means the people they represent and are served by the Military and thus Military Veterans. "12 years also is a long time. We now have a lifetime responsibility to a ...
by jimstaro
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The current fig-leaf being offered by the Republicans is more like a wreath of poison-ivy. Republicans Spent Year Blocking Budget Conference (VIDEO) mike.mcauliff@huffingtonpost.com -- 10/01/...
by jamess
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It is often said that a budget is a statement of priorities. It shows what matters to people. Women should matter. Access to safe medical care should matter. Written by Morgan Meneses-Sheets for RH ...
by RH Reality Check
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It's the Topic of the day. But what is it? Let's ask the geeks ... The sequester, explained by Suzy Khimm, blogs/ezra-klein -- Sept 14, 2012 [...] What is the sequester? It’s a package of ...
by jamess
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Grover Norquist -- We just need a President to sign this stuff http://youtu.be/6wYYX0mZsQA Norquist explains his pledge http://youtu.be/...
by jamess
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Facts are a stubborn things. Inconvenient too, for Politicians that avoid them like exercise and spinach. Facts let us do "Apples and Oranges" comparisons . And such factual comparisons give us a ...
by jamess
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Mitt Romney likes Bird Bird -- BUT Mitt Romney is going to fire him anyways ... larger image In the last debate, Mitt Romney said as much -- that he likes being able to fire Big Bird (PBS's Jim ...
by jamess
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It's hard not to be startled, outraged, and angered at Mitt Romney's tone-deaf foreign policy pronouncements. And rightly so ... Mitt Romney’s ‘No Apology’ Foreign Policy by Michael Falcone,
by jamess
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Behind the scenes the Neocon players, are now playing the neophyte Romney. They want their "An American Century" Do-over -- and Mitt Romney is just their "front guy" to get their second go at it. ...
by jamess
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Romney doubles down on troop speech omission The Ed Show -- Sep 7, 2012 interview with Jon Soltz, chairman of VoteVets....
by jamess
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The New York Times calls Obama's new Budget plan "his Agenda for a desired second term": Military Cuts and Tax Plan Are Central to Obama Budget by Jackie Calmes, NYTimes -- Feb 13, 2012 WASHINGTON �
by jamess
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Have you ever heard people say, "If only we would cut off foreign aid, this country wouldn't have a debt to contend with?" The next time you hear that complaint, ask them how much of our ...
by people power granny
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Just a brief shout out to Climate Change Deniers -- who'd rather prosecute Scientists , than look out their ...
by jamess
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U.S. National Research Council: Climate Change Impacts " Call for Action by U.S. ...
by jamess
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You don’t negotiate with hostage-takers. In all the happiness of our having narrowly averted a government shutdown, with all its serious consequences, let's not forget the price we paid by ...
by gtomkins
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Crossposted from ePluribus Media John McCain, appearing on CNN's "American Morning" stated that despite what the numbers say, his ...
by NCDem Amy
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