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Having run for Congress in 2012 (here's a video from that campaign )that took off here on Daily Kos, and then went viral, I am launching a new campaign. But this one will not be for elective office.
by AndySchmookler
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Twenty children, ages six and seven, were killed by a deranged young man with semi-automatic rifles less than two months ago, and since that time we have not stopped debating, discussing, arguing ...
by Steven D
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riottapes just posted ten good questions about gun control. Here are my answers (and the repeated questions). This started out as a comment, but became rather long. I think this time could be ...
by Sophie Amrain
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Many people have been taken aback by Chris Hedges' vehement and incendiary denunciation of "the Black Bloc anarchists" in his latest Truthdig effort ...
by felix19
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Blacks and Muslims breathe a collective sigh of relief as former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY) distracts Americans into a national conversation on boobage. (Washington DC) Like the bright ...
by freshrant
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As the sun rose over Pikes Peak this morning I followed my usual routine. I fed my two purring pooties, brewed a pot of coffee, stretched my aching back, and meditated in the morning silence. My ...
by KelleyRN2
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The right wing has done such a stellar job of highjacking the national conversation and demonizing the left. They do this by using inflammatory and divisive language. The right co-opts the terms "...
by DeepSouthProg
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My introduction to Israeli elections came in 1992, when I watched the elderly founders of the kibbutz I was volunteering on cheer the election of Yitzhak Rabin. I cashed in my meager post-college ...
by bbr
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