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Thanks for stopping by. You may recall that both President Obama and Mitt Romney mentioned 'Clean Coal' in the debates. Romney V. Obama Romney of course wants to dereg coal, he wants to shove ...
by divineorder
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After over a decade of two costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that has exploded our national debt and stretched our Armed Forces to their limit, we don’t need another war in the Middle East. But ...
by USAction
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I wish I had finished this post before Romney's campaign imploded the night of September 11 and day of September 12, because I would have said before that foreign policy and national security were ...
by ericf
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Their Math just doesn't Add up. They know it. The President knows it. Pretty soon, everybody will know it. 'Bad math': Obama slams Romney, Ryan for lack of specifics firstread.nbcnews.com 2012/...
by jamess
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Math is not like Political Science -- one is debatable; the other is not. Math problems are either solved -- or they're not. Arithmetic is funny that way ... Does a Romney-Ryan Ticket Really ...
by jamess
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The past couple of days have exploded, rightly so, with the raging blowback for a comment made by a political party member, already sitting in a national seat of representation and running for one ...
by jimstaro
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Yesterday, as part of the usually ignored "trash day" dump, President Obama published the Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness Wingnut heads are starting exploding nationwide ...
by Tomtech
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Here is my views, mostly leaning a bit left, sometimes totally left, but mine anyway. I watch democracy slowly disappear and think about when is America going to wake up.
by alanstanley
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In case you missed it -- the Koch Brothers are trying to claim they are NOT the Oil-grubbing Billionaires , NOT the Global Warming denialists , that they have spent a minor fortune investing in. ...
by jamess
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So now the Koch Brothers are in the business of "creating facts" are they? Like how Climate Change is only a " speed bump " in the history of the world ... like how the impact of burning Fossil ...
by jamess
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The New York Times calls Obama's new Budget plan "his Agenda for a desired second term": Military Cuts and Tax Plan Are Central to Obama Budget by Jackie Calmes, NYTimes -- Feb 13, 2012 WASHINGTON �
by jamess
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It's not like anyone is nipping at our heels, about to take a bite of our Military Might ... 2010 Defense Spending by Country by rickety -- June 4, 2011 Military Expenditures The eighteen ...
by jamess
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There is a topic, a meme, a banner that Conservatives continue wave; a banner that fuels legions of like-minded patriots to fall in-line behind it, whenever it is spoken. That banner is the all-...
by jamess
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I don't know how I missed this news yesterday but I did - from the ...
by angelajean
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What do you call a $412 million fighter jet that ...
by kos
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A talk show personality that I had never heard of made it to the national stage today. I read about it ...
by angelajean
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Why are we buying counterfeit defense parts from China when U.S. manufacturers can do the job?
by ManufactureThis
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I wish I could say this was Science Fiction. But the "powers that be" have other plans ...
by jamess
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Wednesday 27 July 2011 UPDATE: Following the publication of this exclusive report, the Air Force suspended its war ethics training for nuclear missile officers. The United States Air ...
by tomwfox
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I can't recall the last time I saw a major news story about Iraq on my TV. Oddly enough we still have troops over there. And contractors. Indeed, the security ...
by Steven D
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