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First Ebola victim returned to Atlanta A protest of the risky Repatriation of the first of two Ebola victims to CDC Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia on 8/2/14, and absence of sufficient travel ...
by No toke deVille
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Jen Christensen of CNN reports the alarming news that CDC: Smallpox found in NIH storage room is alive. (CNN) -- At ...
by HoundDog
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I think we should revisit the Liberal platform on gun control/gun rights. While the overall platform of stricter gun laws is a politically viable stance in many US regions, in others, such as deep-...
by pierre9045
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Meredith Davis and Theopolis Waters of the Chicago Tribune report that a Killer virus spreads unchecked through U.S. ...
by HoundDog
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A very smart, brave, and outspoken little 9 year old girl from Leesburg, VA was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in 2012. Her name was Gabriella Miller. After making a trip to Paris, ...
by JimLiljebergforCongress
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Electrical device funded in-part by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) helps paralyzed men move legs.
by Dr Christopher Boerl
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And that's not all. My new Doctor wants me to get some other big ticket tests done as well. I consider myself fortunate to have recently landed a job with excellent health benefits, as well as dual ...
by BusyinCA
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The following contains general information only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your doctor regarding your specific situation. A massive heroin crisis is gripping the state ...
by Eternal Hope
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At the very end of the diary is an introduction to using free MEDSCAPE links/articles like this: very easy and worth it. Teenagers and college students may enjoy this one. The human body as a ...
by mettle fatigue
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Varmus thinks broadly about basic and applied scientific research as an enterprise. His solutions emphasize cooperation over competition, and free, creative inquiry over narrow methodological and ...
by Nathan Jaco
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This is truly alarming news. An outbreak in Saudi Arabia of a lethal new strain of virus named MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) has coincided with the return of Muslim Pilgrims from the Hajj,
by Lefty Coaster
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With the GOP-led government shutdown nearing two weeks, critical scientific research in the United States is at a standstill. Scientists across a multitude of disciplines, including four Nobel Prize-...
by David Harris Gershon
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Recently, you penned an open letter to President Obama , appealing to the history of our great nation and calling for an end to the budget brinksmanship. Indeed, our Democratic Republic has not ...
by JoHafford
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It was an emergency days ago. Now it's a crisis. The stories of individual patients being denied treatment because of the House-led shutdown are beginning to seep out.
by Hunter
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The hypocrisy of the Stupid Party brigade just rolls on and on. Get a load of this: As some North Carolina congressional lawmakers defer pay during the shutdown, GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers is refusing ...
by miracle11
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It's driving me crazy. People are not internalizing the fundamental issue with this shutdown brouhaha. The essence of the difference in this shutdown is that - whereas the other 30 shutdowns were ...
by jack23
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Brad Plumer : Here's ...
by Hunter
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NIH Logo (Wikimedia Commons)
by Laurence Lewis
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The recent court decision allowing government funding of embryonic stem cell research to go forward is good news-- but it might only last as long as the trial goes on...
by diverdonreed
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Happy eve of Thanksgiving, and thank you very much for your support of this diary. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Today's report features: • POTUS & VPOTUS address ...
by Kat 4 Obama
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