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Crossposted at The Motley Moose I suppose it had to happen eventually. ...
by Moo Means Hello
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On this date in 1966, a day I'm sure "the comedian" mourns daily, the National Organization for Women was founded. Here's to "girl power"!
by CityLightsLover
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This story is about a month old, but I just discovered it and was quite appalled... Radio talk show host Jim Quinn of "The War Room with Quinn & Rose" on September 3rd referred to the ...
by Medina Mahmoud
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In one of the more pathetic ironies of campaign '08, Clinton backer and 1984 vice presidential contender ...
by Jon Perr
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[Thank goodness for leap year! The extra day means I made the cut on cross-posting this companion piece (sort of) to last week'...
by lao hong han
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Dear NOW of New York, Feminists have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. The New York chapter of the National Organization for Women's recent denouncement of brilliant candidate Barack Obama ...
by Reb Kaplan
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The endorsements were flying yesterday as Obama raked in the support of the holy trinity of the Kennedy family - Ted, Caroline and Patrick. And New Yorks' NOW chapter didn't like it one bit. Read ...
by RH Reality Check
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When women who consider themselves feminists read a load of crap ...
by Susan Gardner
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I have just learned that NOW (National Organization FOR Women) is sponsoring a conference, 2008 Economic Justice Summit: Bringing Together Research and Advocacy From Local to Global to ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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This was originally posted at Talk to Action . Picking-up where we left ...
by Frank Cocozzelli
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I have sent this letter to the National Organization for Women in hopes they and Ms Clinton will listen, but I am not holding my breath ... Dear N.O.W.: I am writing about your recent endorsement ...
by mntleo2
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I’m sick of it. The constant bombardment of marketing that targets my kids is really starting to get to me and I’ve had it. McDonalds this, Brats that, Checkers up the wazoo... every ...
by Alegre
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The chance of miscarriage during the first trimester in a woman’s first pregnancy is 40%. Thousands of women miscarry or deliver a stillborn fetus every year. And if it’s early enough ...
by Alegre
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Isn’t it nice ? They’ve given us a whole month to celebrate women’s history. We’ve worked so hard for so many years and we’ve finally gotten a whole ...
by Alegre
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Do you have kids? Are you married? Federal law prohibits employers from asking female job applicants these questions if they don't ask the same questions of men, or to make hiring ...
by Alegre
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by Lady Nutmegger
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