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Most of us who have watched whole speeches of the Reverend Wright -- especially, say, his address to the NAACP -- come away impressed with his creativity, his wit, and, often, his logic. A typical ...
by Petey2
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We were introduced to Rev. Wright by sound bites. And, like it or not, he is now the most famous pastor in the world. Not, because of his contributions to society in serving the poor, defending his ...
by sweetliberty
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On CSPAN2? I try to keep an open mind about everything. And I have to say that I think our government and the MSM have really spun us on Iran and this guy. He spoke a lot about his spiritual ...
by roseeriter
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Senator Kerry gave a scorching speech yesterday about global climate change, not just blasting the Bush administration, but Washington itself,
by beachmom
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I happened onto a wonderful editorial the other day when looking for more info on a debate that took place this week. The debate was between Bill Kristol from Fox and the Weekly Standard and Robert ...
by uniongal
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Today Senator James Webb was the speaker at lunch at the National Press Club. For many the first sense of the intellect of the man they experienced was his response to the state of the Nation. ...
by teacherken
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Jim Webb will be speaking before a sold-out crowd at the National Press Club this afternoon. C-Span will carry the speech live ...
by Bugsby
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John Edwards will be the featured speaker at a major forum Tuesday in New York City on solutions to urban poverty. The event is the first in a series of forums on this vital topic co-...
by citizen53
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On Tuesday night some of Washington's elite print and television journalists got together at the National Press Club for a friendly bull session with White House press flack Tony Snow. There (over ...
by dbnkr
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As you may know, the very august and superswanky National Press Club held an event on Feb. 20 ...
by Gutterboy
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You'll never guess what irony we found while viewing a video of a bunch of U.S. stenographers masturbating about how good they are and how biased bloggers tend to be...
by STOP George
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Tony Snow and “real journalists” finally agreed on something tonight at a roundtable held for very serious people at the National Press Club: Blogs suck. They’re mean. And ...
by Susan Gardner
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David Sirota is fighting for access on Capitol Hill—and his fight is one that should concern us all. He wants press credentials ...
by AaronBa
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I have always had a soft spot in my heart for McGovern ever since reading Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail by Hunter S. Thompson. It is a great snapshot in time, gonzo style, of a dynamically ...
by pinche tejano
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by SON2007
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by SON2007
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by semiot
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by revolute
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