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You should read "da noive" like a cartoon character saying "The nerve!" I set this to publish on Wednesday 11/19 but somehow it published on Monday. I have reset it for Wednesday again, in case ...
by art ah zen
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Charity begins at home, with so many more families going down as help has been cut to survival support. No web site, but word was spread by social media. Here - families with children in elementary ...
by Bateach
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So...My neighbors across the street are fairly reclusive. They both work, and have two sons. The oldest is about 20...sometimes he lives there, sometimes he doesn't. Now, he is staying there. ...
by Keith930
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Tell us what you see. Do it by interview. Do it by documentation or video but do it. I have for the past two days really started looking and observing. I want to report what I am seeing in America.
by Vetwife
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If you are like most of us, you have wondered whether or not a proposal for new development in your community was a good idea, whether it was environmentally friendly, or whether you should support ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Peaceful Anti-TIF Demonstration Ends in Arrest At a peaceful demonstration protesting the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program which takes $250 million from Chicago’s public ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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New investigations into Chicago's controversial TIF (Tax Increment Financing) program shows that the money mostly did not go to helping development in "blighted" areas, but instead went to some of ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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I really shouldn’t get started and, if this post weren’t leading to such a wildly amusing place, I wouldn’t.  Neighborhood associations do some wonderful things in distressed communities, ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Sometime a very long time ago, when I was still new at this smart growth stuff, I remember hearing a planner from Portland recount two principles that had guided one of that city’s famous land ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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To creative-class types who inhabit trendy east and west coast cities and a few mid-country oases like Austin and Boulder, sleepy Paducah, Kentucky (population estimated 25,720 in 2009) might ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Many people who live in places undergoing change, and that includes most all of us, are fearful of what those changes may bring, even (some would say especially) if those changes are labeled as 
by Kaid at NRDC
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I love writing my NRDC blog and DailyKos diary; if I could do only this for a living, I probably would.  I like that it makes me pay attention to what’s going on in my ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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It is impossible to have a great community without great public spaces - appealing and accommodating streets, sidewalks, parks, storefronts, plazas, accessible cafes, and so on. �These are ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Having already begun a comprehensive energy and environmental retrofit of a key part of Denver’s Lower Downtown, the nonprofit organization ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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Builders of Hope is a remarkable North Carolina-based charity that saves older houses from demolition (frequently moving them to a ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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OK, this video is really funny.� Due credit to Jeff Speck and Ken Firestone for propagating it around urbanist Facebook circles, and to Andre Spino-Smith and JJ Kinsfather of the Buena Vista,
by Kaid at NRDC
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I’m going to start by being deliberatively provocative:  “cities” may not matter nearly as much as we sometimes suggest.  I surround the word with quotation marks, ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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by Kaid at NRDC
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In almost all American communities, if public transit exists in any meaningful way, it competes for patronage, primarily though not exclusively with driving.� While some advocates seem to ...
by Kaid at NRDC
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This will be brief. I might comment on the Dkos diary, but will most likely keep my focus on the White House FB page . Starting ...
by Benintn
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