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..nor any other republican so far as I can tell. One question that actually shook Cheney if mini facial 'tells' mean anything. Cheney failed to disguise his dissembling when Chuck Todd sort of ...
by Eric Nelson
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Kristol? Check McCain and his sidekick Lindsey? Check Darth VP? Check Wolfowitz? Big MF'n Check Robert Kagan? He's totally in! These are the see nothing, know nothing pundits that recently ...
by funluvn1
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Hard lessons and opening the window on blatant war profiteering, blood money and just a small part of, directed right from the top on down through the supply chain of the use of the countries ...
by jimstaro
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And Not A Dime Has Been Paid For Either War, congressional rubber stamping and rapid deficit rising started Before 9/11 and continued even with the war spending, that was off the books till the ...
by jimstaro
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One of the oldest cliches of political life is that we always end up fight the last war. When it comes to the rare moment of the UN enforcing its chapter VII provision last night and ...
by Brit
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Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past ~ George Orwell, 1984 In the face of the revisionist ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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It is not just “Big Oil” that the Bush Administration and its Neo-Con ideologist members are continuing to bathe in money on their way out of office. No, the Military Industrial Complex ...
by funluvn1
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The Munitions industry and their NEO-CON puppets in Washington need a "target-rich" enemy to justify the Trillions being spent on the fake war on terror. China can't be targeted because all they ...
by Brigate Democrazia
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The two most important economic stories in the last 30 years have quietly slipped past us. The first is the Fed bailout of Freddie and Fannie. The second is the joint Treasury/Federal Reserve ...
by MikMouse
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Am I the only person noticing the bizarre connection between Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Hilary Clinton?
by mediadude
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As The Sunday Times reveals more about Sibel Edmonds revelations of corruption, criminal activity and drugs smuggling between US Neo Cons and Turkish 'Deep State' 13 people have been detained in ...
by Hevallo
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