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There's a new bogeyman in the middle east. It is a terrible monster of great proportions, a barbaric, sectarian, unrepentant butchery machine. Its name is ISIS and like the previous bogeymen ( ...
by joe shikspack
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by kos
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Politico practices journalism in much the same way that bricks float.* For years, its mission to "win the morning" has often come at the expense of the truth. But with Katie Glueck's piece on Iraq ...
by Jon Perr
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We are now looking at Iraq imploding, with its army folding faster than that of the ARVN in 1975, and part of our problem here is not understanding our history. The conventional thinking is that we ...
by LunkHead
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They're baaack! The neocon buffoons who got us into the mess in Iraq are making the rounds on cable news and other news outlets, playing the part of foreign policy experts once again. ...
by Mark Fiore
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One of the things we have admired about those who represent us in Congress is their willingness to stand by their convictions and our best interests and vote accordingly.  Really?  Wouldn't it be ...
by RationalPolitics
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by BrianMcFadden
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Last night, Jon Stewart used Dick Cheney's own words against him as he now tries to attack Obama for seeming weak on what to do with the worsening situation in Iraq. By the way, Mr. Cheney there, ...
by BruinKid
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Evoking images of Frankenstein's castle Edward Luce of The Financial Times warns us that America’s neocons have been jolted back to life, refusing to die, like contagious ...
by HoundDog
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During the rush to war in 2002, an IL state senator said the following: I don't oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the ...
by RFK Lives
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Neocons has been a term bandied about to describe the Republican mindset of no taxes ever and exploit everything and everyone. The term itself is a contraction of the words neo; meaning new and con;
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Peter Bergen, CNN's national security reporter, writes a poignant column, entitled Bush's toxic legacy in Iraq, where he notes that under the guise of eliminating al Qaeda ...
by HoundDog
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Support independent cartooning: join Sparky's List —and be sure to visit TT'...
by Tom Tomorrow
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First it was Glenn Beck admitting the left had been correct to oppose Bush's Iraq war . Not because of any failures of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the merry gang of miscreants, mind you. No, of ...
by Rithmck
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You don't have to be George Lakoff to understand how misframing a statement with imprecise language can be harmful to your argument. Right now there is a diary on the Rec List that claims the ...
by James Hepburn
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I hope someone else can clip from Chuck Todd's show the clip from this lying jerk. They are absolutely crazy and are making me so mad. He, who should be on trial in a criminal court, had the nerve ...
by txdoubledd
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Last night, Jon Stewart blasted those Iraq War cheerleaders who got it so, so wrong. Those idiots were ostracized, never heard from again, because of how... I'm kidding. Because I think we all ...
by BruinKid
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There should be a rule for everyone who wants to comment on Iraq in 2014. Show what you were saying in 2002 and 2003. If you were supporting the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq then, STFU now.
by ericf
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Fox News' Shep Smith Gives Iraq Hawks A History Lesson, reminding Republicans who are demanding that President Obama reengage in the religious civil war in Iraq, that it was their own disastrous ...
by HoundDog
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After hearing Tony Blair whining that the current mess doesn't have anything to do with the lying that got us into the war and the mindlessness that followed. At least someone else articulate s my ...
by LaFeminista
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