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Ari Fleischer, official spokesman for ...
by Barbara Morrill
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by ericlewis0
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This is not much of a diary, but I didn't see it here before. This is breaking on Think Progress.com:
by smoothnmellow
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Ari Fleischer, official spokesman for ...
by Hunter
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And apparently Bush's former Press Secretary Fleischer thought so highly of Komen that he accepted a fee “substantially below the normal placement fee charged by executive search companies”, ...
by thenekkidtruth
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James Carville is the political genius that got Bill Clinton elected President in 1992 and has hung around for years ...
by NastyJack
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Over the past few days, conservative forces have mobilized to protect Mitt Romney from incoming fire over his rapidly multiplying tax ...
by Jon Perr
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This week, Vice President Joe Biden inadvertently turned the heat up on his boss - ...
by Jon Perr
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Reveling in the political opportunity presented by America's economic woes, Republicans are taking ...
by Jon Perr
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Watching James Carville this evening on Anderson Cooper's 360 had me jumping out of my seat as if I was at a Baptist revival.
by gybswtddy
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Among the truisms of American politics is this: the side decrying "class war" is the one winning it . So it is with the ...
by Jon Perr
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In a nationally televised address to the American people on March 4, 1987, President Ronald Reagan ...
by Jon Perr
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At the time, the American public was flat out ...
by Scott Matheina
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With U.S. gas prices above the $3 level, the conservative echo chamber is in overdrive. While the ...
by Jon Perr
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An alarm went off when I learned that Michael Chertoff was the man pushing the inane full-body-scan machines on our government, in response to a Nigerian man boarding a plane in Amsterdam on ...
by DavidsonLoehr
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This week is Banned Books Week. I trend to take for granted my right to read what I like, free of government or majority censorship, but in reality I shouldn't, and neither should you. Even I ...
by Steven D
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster. ] Certainly one of the worst civic memories that will haunt me to the grave is the alleged press conference George Bush ...
by paradox
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This diary is mostly about the smear campaign aimed at Helen Thomas and how right wing propaganda easily mixes with Israeli propaganda. It is a story that people would label me as crazy if I didn't ...
by General Choomin
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First let me get this out, I am in no way endorsing or condoning the hateful and hurtful comments that Ms. Thomas made. I do agree with the sentiment that what she said was beyond the pale and it ...
by DFutureIsNow
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I woke up and saw Ari spewing his nonsense on Morning Joe and I thought it was just Joe Scarborough helping an old Republican friend a seat at his "table" to help beat up the Obama Administration. It'
by testvet6778
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