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Hello, this is my first post. Will be looking around for ideas.
by Eagle914
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When the media marginalized the nonviolence on the streets, it also blacked-out the expression of nonviolence as a radical call for justice and for systemic change.
by alyceejl
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The Second Day “You always see the white people coming out on the second day” and he’s right. We land on CNN as the lesser of however many evils, and Anderson Cooper has joined Don Lemon on ...
by cmcada
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So living on a boat makes you want things to be kind of smaller just in general, because of the space issue of a 28 foot sailboat. While it's much bigger than the 25 footer, you still have to work ...
by Mortifyd
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My wife and I live in a terribly conservative town, where the last mayor was a republican elected with 78% support. We want to move to Denver, but only have half of the required money! Please ...
by whoaitsmike
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Don't get me wrong..we're on the same piece of paper Markos and Chris Bowers. I think the FCC would be making a big mistake if they risk real net neutrality by passing rules like they are ...
by DoctorNoren
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First of all, let me preface this by saying I am a new KOS user (longtime lurker), and this is the first diary I have EVER written. This is not really a diary, but a story intended to invoke ...
by Zumrum13
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Privatization of Prisons in America I started watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix the other night and wound up getting a bit intrigued, which normally doesn't happen because shows about ...
by thinkingblue
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Welcome to the sixth installment of What's On Your E-Reader? What exactly is What's On Your E-Reader? This is my own little thing that I am going to be getting out every Sunday at 2pm EST. Within ...
by Caedy
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Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, (of GOP insanity) no escape from (a Tea Party Convoluted) reality. Open your eyes, (girl) look up to the skies (girl) and see…
by thinkingblue
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I want to tell everyone who has contributed to the Veterans Green Bus Project how grateful I am to you.
by gordonsoderberg
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What Else Ya Got Mike Huckabee AND NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL ...
by thinkingblue
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I'm done with them, sell the Capitol and White House and move our public officials into unused emergency FEMA trailers. The US woke up with a national hangover and one leg dangling over the fiscal ...
by jbou
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I'm a relatively new Kossak, and this is my first attempt at a diary, so I'll keep it short and sweet. I've been a member of the internet community from the days of dial-up, occasionally finding ...
by Ozy
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I am Dr. Scott Noren, an Oral Surgeon in Ithaca, NY. I take the attempts to do fracking type gas drilling seriously. I get my drinking water from Cayuga Lake and aim to keep it clean and safe. An ...
by NorenforSenate
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Hi, folks. I've been trying to write a diary for a few days now but it seems I've lost my focus, so I'll just say what's on my mind below the fold.
by Homer177
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Hey there everybody! It's Tuesday night so it's that time again - time to leave all the bad news and politics behind us and instead focus on escaping into our favorite songs. Well, it's New Year's ...
by poligirl
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The Pew Research Center has a study out measuring the coverage of the Republican Presidential candidates, as well as the coverage of President Obama. If you needed proof that the media was favoring ...
by anonevent
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I have to wonder. I meet so many people, and they strike me as average to above average in intelligence, however, when they start to yabber on about the current political issues, it is like they ...
by IrishRebelAmerican
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The origin of tyranny can be credited to Greece, the same geographic land that is credited with the birth of democracy. Tyrants in archaic and classical times were viewed by the Greeks in a neutral ...
by mariok82
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