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As you in the Southeast are settling in for what promises to be an entertaining couple of days, and those of you in the UK and the rest of Europe are suffering through a miserable winter (wettest ...
by annetteboardman
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My wife and I recently received a pair of electronic photo frames as a gift, and decided that we’d put photos of family and friends on one of them, and photos from our travels on the other. In our ...
by fenway49
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Lately we've had a lot of great research tips from mayim and others. All I had in reserve was more stories about long-gone people, and I had no time to do anything else, so this week we'll make do ...
by fenway49
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by BFSkinner
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As I recounted in my very first GFHC diary , I learned almost two years ago that my great-grandfather Lee was not Irish Catholic as claimed but instead descended from the earliest New England ...
by fenway49
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COPYPASTE \http:\/\/tinyurl.com/DkGeoGrps FOR LINKING. Revision is continual : send corrections, additions, mergers, "ceased activity", etc. HERE . SCROLL ALPHABETICALLY BELOW INTRO OR ...
by mettle fatigue
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by shortfinals
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Some people have rules for reading. They only read certain genres, they won't read other genres. they don't like fiction told through a second-person point of view (this is one of my hang-ups; if I ...
by bookgirl
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* With apologies to Richard ...
by shortfinals
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by shortfinals
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by shortfinals
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I just got back from a protest at the largest coal plant in New England, the coal plant at Brayton Point in Somerset, Massachusetts, right near Providence. Here's some backstory on the protest: ...
by cordgrass
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Turning on the news tonight, the local news stations are flagging a low pressure weather system swirling up out of Pennsylvania into central New York and slowly moving to the east into New ...
by xaxnar
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I recently found that I'd been given a gift subsciption to DK, but I didn't not see a message telling who made the gift. If my generous benefactor is among us, thank you! I'm grateful and touched. ...
by fenway49
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by shortfinals
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Harvesting oysters in New England goes back to way before colonial times. Although today oysters are harvested mainly for food, back in the 1700’s they were collected for their shells. Limestone, ...
by Mark H
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by shortfinals
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The no-such-thing-as-global-warming people are shouting from the rooftops. See all that snow? Let’s get back to the business of smokestacks and oil and forget all this scientific mumbo-jumbo ...
by 51percent
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Up until the moment this diary is published I hadn't written a diary or comment in 11 days. (I've kind of been "away.") And I wish I didn't have to write this one now, but I can delay it no more. ...
by Clytemnestra
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by shortfinals
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