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We voted out a number of the rabid ideologues that populated the NH legislature last session - the folks that caused so much amusement around the world by filing bills wishing to quote from the ...
by susanthe
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The teabag/"free state" Republican legislature headed by Speaker Bill O'Brien was sent packing by NH voters this past Tuesday. Also notable: NH has the first all female congressional delegation, a ...
by freedapeople
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I wanted to share a radio spot from This American Life  in which they talk with Annmarie Timmins from the Concord Monitor,  as well as many of the Representatives from the NH House. A portrait of ...
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Jeanine Notter is a first-term Republican New Hampshire state representative. Just weeks into her first term, she became legendary for suggesting that cancer patients should hold bake sales to pay ...
by TimothyHorrigan
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Apparently, the NH House is going to have to find a new Majority Leader. DJ Bettencourt is resigning from the legislature due to being caught lying and cheating on his Law Degree. This is big news ...
by Wynter
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Last week there was a rally held at the New Hampshire State House to repeal the marriage equality law. Organized by Rep. David Bates (R-Windham), who has made repeal a personal goal, spending ...
by freedapeople
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I write a biweekly op-ed for a small, conservative, daily newspaper in northern NH. This was printed in the 2-3-12 edition of the Conway Daily Sun.
by susanthe
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In the department of WTF, NH State Representative Gary Wheaton (R-Seabrook) resigned his seat after being stopped for reckless driving while his license was suspended. ...
by freedapeople
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This is very hot off the presses, but New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley reports that NH House Republicans have added an amendment to ...
by freedapeople
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I am a proud New Hampshire citizen. I am definitely dissatisfied with the criminally negligent and unconstitutional movements coming out of my state legislature. And college students now have even ...
by TomorrowsProgressives
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Just a couple of minutes ago, the NH House of Representatives concurred with language passed in the State Senate and required by the Governor before he would sign HB436, the marriage equality bill, ...
by freedapeople
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What an incredible week! Concord was rockin’ as the winds of change blew through the capitol. No matter which side of the political aisle you call home, or if your place of comfort is to ...
by rontun
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According to The Union Leader the New Hampshire House of ...
by itstime
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