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"We're associated with being anti-everything," Bush said. "Way too many people believe that Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science , anti-gay, anti-worker. Many voters are simply ...
by jamess
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There is the scientific and ideological language for what is happening to the weather, but there are hardly any intimate words. Is that surprising? People in ...
by Dartagnan
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This came to my attention today. Once I got over the "Wow, what *is* that?" reaction I had to the photo, (Thank you, Major Kong, for the aircraft ID!) found in a Twitter stream, I read ...
by BlackSheep1
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The Earth is currently being impacted by a stream of charged particles from the Sun (Raise shields, ensign!) and their interaction with the Earth's magnetic field has already produced ...
by xaxnar
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For live coverage of the 6:10pm East Coast Time launch of the DSCOVR Satellite , NASA is streaming it here: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html#.VNfjFULDG5Y Weather is perfect, the ...
by xaxnar
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Have you ever drove through a pouring down "soupy rain" one evening, parked your car. And then rush out the next morning -- late for work -- only to find all your vehicle's windows "foggy and drippy"
by jamess
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Wow! What a come-back to the Republican nonsensical denial on Climate Change. Barack Obama: [...] And no challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than ...
by jamess
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Why is climate change is so dangerous and uncontrollable? Let’s say you are driving down a road. A rock appears in your path. You stomp on the brakes, but your car still surges forward over many ...
by tsunami
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One of Al Gore's dreams is about to become a reality. In 1998, Gore proposed a satellite that would continuously beam down a live image of Earth's illuminated side which would be available on the ...
by atana
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2014 was the warmest year in NOAA's 135 year record. 2014 was the hottest on year record according to NOAA, NASA and the Japan Meteorological Agency. The high temperatures were not associated with ...
by FishOutofWater
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Larger Image From NOAA 12-19-14 Sea level rise has given high tide flooding of our coastal areas a significant boost. It is expected that nuisance tides will increase dramatically in the next 15-...
by Pakalolo
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The World health organization predicts climate change will cause 250,000 extra deaths per year by 2030. Of this figure, roughly 48,
by HoundDog
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In this aerial photo provided by NOAA, some 35,000 walrus gather on shore near Point Lay, Alaska (AP Photo/NOAA, Corey Accardo) Pacific walrus that can't find sea ice for resting in Arctic ...
by jamess
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I first ventured into the Central Pacific Ocean tuna fisheries in 1991 as a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration /"NOAA"/ biological technician (GS5-I was 28 years old), that year ...
by tharu1
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If only life were like a merry-go-round, because you know with 'those kind of rides' -- someone can eventually find the Off-Switch , if something goes awry. I would wager there are some ...
by jamess
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This alarming issue is finally getting some attention in the MSM. Siberian Holes Could Be 'Visible Effect' of Global Warming, Experts Say BY JULIANNE PEPITONE "It’s a clear indication that ...
by Lefty Coaster
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The human contribution to the extinction of other species continues unabated. Our systematic destruction of bluefin tuna populations in the Atlantic and Pacific is further proof of our inability to ...
by DWG
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We know that some things are adapting to a warmer climate by migrating north. Some of these species include the Mangrove forest , butterflies , fish ,
by Pakalolo
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El Nino is the name given to periodic changes in the Eastern Pacific near South America, when surface water temperatures hit a peak high. This has a cascading effect on weather, wildlife, ...
by xaxnar
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Jason Samenow of the Washington Post writes ...
by HoundDog
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