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http://igg.me/at/SupportthedreamtobefreeinMalawi/x/1698186 I am currently working on a charity project for Malawi Africa with sustainable home builder,
by TheHensonAscension
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I did the early registration thing, and was really excited about joining y'all for my first Netroots Nation next month in San Jose. Ain't gonna happen. Since registering, I got assigned to direct ...
by jgilhousen
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Today, we're facing moves towards privatization of public systems and opposition to new projects under public management. It's sad, especially when you see examples such as scientific studies ...
by workingwords
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I serve on two boards. One is a county level advisory board and one is an environment related non-profit. I've served for 7 years on one and 15 on the other. Both have 9 members now. I am the ...
by Coastrange
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After a couple years lurking on this site, and enjoying the fruits of labor produced by many interesting Cossacks, I feel it's time for me to step out. It's time for me to join the team and create ...
by ninenutz
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I want to give you a song. It’s called “Lonely Child”, and I am giving it to this community to help express the reason we come to this website. It should download for free. There are a lot ...
by Singing Lizard
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Good day everyone! I just recently posted a diary on this topic and I am hoping this next one has a positive impact on my son's agency's position. You see, his agency applied to the Fruit Tree ...
by imeanit
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Are super PACS legal, or are super PACs bad, are common questions America is asking. The short answer is Super PACs are both illegal and bad for democracy. This said, Super PACs are good in a ...
by pbmaise
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Word spreads fast in the climate community and as word has gotten out about the theft of Peaceful Uprising’s funds people across the country have stepped up to help. Donate Here 'Just because ...
by credstone
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Dear Daily Kos Community, Thank you for the donations! We still need as much help as you can afford to give even if it is just one dollar. There is no cure yet for substance addiction but it is ...
by Marina Asbury
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Dear Daily Kos Community, Thank you for the donations! I've posted two other diaries related to Asbury House Extended Care Treatment Center for Women located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Beyond the ...
by Marina Asbury
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Like all of you, I am really angry about the Komen foundation shenanigans. It's obvious to anyone looking at it that it was a politically motivated hack job. I would be really angry about it if ...
by otto
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There is an art to turning a tactical win into a strategic victory, and we need to start thinking about how to do that now. The Komen Foundation will continue to exist and to raise money, and in six ...
by PoliticallyNonEuclidean
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Crossposted from my personal blog, which exists in a parallel universe. ...
by Kazmarov
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Actually, I need a picture of your dog. Or your cat. Maybe your llama. I hate asking for things from other people,
by Strange New World
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Pessimism towards the charges against Greg Mortenson as well as pessimism towards Mortenson's defense seem to cast shades of gray on everything in his home town of Bozeman, MT. Then it snows....
by Cabbage Rabbit
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[http://communityquiltproject.com/2011/03/31/community-quilt-project-have-a-heart-and-help-us-get-a-nn11-booth/ Cross posted from Community Quilt Project]
by Sara R
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I work with a regional breed rescue based out of Winston-Salem, NC. While I lived in that city I was able to help with grooming, transport, and fostering. After moving to Seattle, WA, my husband ...
by Strange New World
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Before September of 2005 I hadn't spent much time volunteering, other than for two political campaigns. It was something I thought about on occasion, and intended to do at some vague point in the ...
by willowby
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A Sentimental Idiot's ...
by Fun With Fire and Knives
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