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Lately, I haven't spent as much time around here as I used to. Instead of 6-8 hours/day, I am lucky to get even a single hour of blogging time on a given day. The reason is not because "
by LaughingPlanet
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The 2011 legislative session was supposed to be strictly about the budget. Republicans did ...
by The Big E
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The microphilanthropy movement is revolutionary and innovative, it promotes sharing, and carries the promise of changing society. I'd like to be a part of that movement, and I'd like to form a ...
by altruista
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When I hear calls for progressive political action on and by the Left, I am so skeptical that I keep seeing the three-headed hydra, Medusa. Perseus had the shield of Athena, was able to blind the ...
by libertyvalence
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In what Bloomberg calls "the broadest-ever criminal investigation of public finance:" Wall ...
by Gorette
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"The nonprofit groups that have started these businesses have done so primarily to advcance their own missions. 'This is an opportunity to move folks out of poverty into prosperity, while greening ...
by Bob Giloth
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(Cross-posted on EquityBlog ) Was there any way to prevent the wave of foreclosures sweeping across ...
by PolicyLinkDan
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I usually post diaries about HIV/AIDS, gay rights, human rights, general political stuff, etc, but today I am posting about the Oscars. Okay, not totally about the actual films and such, but the tax ...
by MPetrelis
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A few weeks back, David Swenson and Michael Schmidt wrote an op-ed for the New York Times calling for the nonprofitization of newspapers. These nonprofit institutions would be run much like ...
by brbuchwal
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Greetings all, CREDO Mobile is proud to announce the 50 nonprofits that we'll be funding in 2009 -- please have a look at the list below. But first, a bit of background.
by Will Easton
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All of us here at Daily Kos are absolutely passionate about politics. But many of us also are deeply involved in small-d democracy: the work of creating positive, grassroots change on a local level. ...
by DemocracySpace
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[To see the entire series, go here . Crossposted from ...
by EducationAction
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