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Fifty years ago, the notorious Bull Connor ordered white firemen to turn their high pressure firehoses on the demonstrators once again. But this time, on this day, they refused. How did this happen?
by samdiener
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In the current fiscal year (FY2012), the government estimates that $716.3 billion will be spent on the military. Adjusted for inflation, this is 69% more than the amount spent in FY2000. As the ...
by RandomNonviolence
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Which works better: pre-figurative movement or electoral politics (or both)? Who is more important: rebels or citizens (or both)? What should we do when a new social movement begins to wane? Since ...
by RandomNonviolence
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Three thoughts: 1. Much of the criticism of OWS is of the "this is not enough" variety which is really not very helpful. The powerful Seattle demonstration against the WTO in 1999, supported by ...
by RandomNonviolence
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President Obama's speech last night described the killing of Osama bin Laden ...
by RandomNonviolence
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Michael Nagler tells this story: "One of my close friends, David Hartsough, who is white, was sitting in with a small group of civil rights activists at a segregated lunch counter in Virginia in ...
by David Swanson
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In the current year (FY2011), the government estimates that $761 billion will be spent on the military. This is more than two and a half times as much as the $295 billion spent in FY2000 (85% more ...
by RandomNonviolence
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More than half of our income taxes this year will go to the military. The charts below (click for larger versions) show how our income tax dollars were spent in the year just completed — ...
by RandomNonviolence
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Military recruiters have a quota, or what they call a "mission," specifying how many people they're expected to enlist each month. When they don't reach their quotas, they're often pressured ...
by samdiener
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Obama's stated position is that the blockade of Gaza must be eased. Currently Israel is severely restricting humanitarian aid to over 1 million people that puts many at risk for malnutrition. This ...
by Tom J
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I have been thinking, what can people do to get the message across to legislators and their owners in the business community that the United States is facing a crisis in health care that is not ...
by Andiamo
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Income tax returns are due next Wednesday, April 15. Where do our tax dollars go? The charts below (click for full page versions) show estimates of how our income tax dollars were spent in FY2008, ...
by RandomNonviolence
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This is the 6th installment Utopia/ Dystopia . In this episode DJ gets an unwelcome lesson in hygiene. The ...
by TPau
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In Minnesota last weekend, in the days before the 2008 Republican National Convention began, the police raided at least four buildings housing nonviolent protesters in preemptive attacks designed to ...
by samdiener
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Tuesday is the last day for paying your taxes. Please let your friends know that a very large percentage of their taxes will be going to pay for the US military. You can back this up with the graphs ...
by RandomNonviolence
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Massive federal deficits, not enough money for social programs. Where have all our tax dollars gone? The charts below (click for full page versions) show how our income tax dollars were spent in ...
by RandomNonviolence
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