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I'm not going to debate whether anything described below is right or wrong or results in better outcomes. I just want to give you insight into the insanity of the environment under which public ...
by fugitive
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June 2014 Celebrating another month of incredible work from the White House Photographers. A look inside the White House for the month of June. All photographs were taken by the White House ...
by bsegel
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My dad commanded a Landing Ship Medium (LSM) in the Pacific for much of WWII but on June 6, 1944 he supported the landings on Omaha Beach in Normandy. Six months prior to the invasion he had ...
by murphthesurf3
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WXXI Video http://youtu.be/_0ELh7WFuAI The historic C-47 has completed its transatlantic crossing, and is currently at Ramstein Air Base in Germany , before heading to Normandy, France for ...
by xaxnar
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This is a quick post pointing to a NY Times story about a WW II C-47 that will be heading out from Geneseo, NY across the Atlantic to once more fly over Normandy. ...But on Thursday, a ...
by xaxnar
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by shortfinals
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Hill 147 Hill 192 St. Lo Arromanches Point du Hoc Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, Sword Pegasus Bridge Caen Bereigny Bastogne St. Mere-Eglise Le Cambe Beny-sur-Mer Bayeux Colleville-sur-...
by khowell
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The former RAF Keevil, Wiltshire, 2006 This is for exlrrp , and for all those who have 'stood in the door'
by shortfinals
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by shortfinals
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Last night I posted up two CBS News reports about a widow of a WWII pilot and her attempts to find out what happened to him. For her and for years all she knew was he was MIA or just plain missing. ...
by jimstaro
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That was MIA to Wife here for years. Remember 'freedom fries', remember all the bashing of the French in that 'old Europe' not to many years back. Well you might want to catch these two reports on ...
by jimstaro
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This is the third in a diary series covering a trip I took to Normandy. the first one is [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/06/06/982504/--D-Day-Memories-and-a-Stroll-Down-Omaha-Beach,-Part-1?...
by exlrrp
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This is the 2d part of an extended diary on my trip to Normandy, where I went in 2003. You can see a lot of this really well on Google Earth. I'v blogged more about my military experience [http://www.
by exlrrp
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(Note: this got to be too big for one diary so I'm making it into 2 or 3 parts) In honor of the 67th anniversary of D Day I thought I'd write about my trip there. One of the most moving experiences ...
by exlrrp
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Who is Bill Millin, you might ask. He was the Scottish piper who is best remembered for piping the troops ashore at Normandy on D-Day. Bill Millin was on Sword Beach with the 51st Highlanders, ...
by Otteray Scribe
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President Obama in Normandy earlier today: Full ...
by Jed Lewison
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