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(State Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner and Congressman Paul Tonko) Recently, two Upstate Democratic lawmakers have been calling for increased funding for our region's aging and deteriorating ...
by Upstate Blue
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Social Security is the most popular general welfare program, ever and by far, and it is a Democratic program. It was started by a Democratic President and Congress in the 1930s, expanded by a ...
by devtob
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For the second (or third...or fourth) time this cycle, we have entered into a somewhat curious polling dichotomy. Republicans are clinging...with increasing desperation...to national polling that ...
by Steve Singiser
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Tea party Republican Chris Gibson, NY-20, has voted to end Medicare, against a clean debt ceiling bill, and signed the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge. Gibson was challenged about his disappointing ...
by devtob
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by David Nir
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Last night after the President’s speech, I thought I would send a cheerful email to my Republican Congressman. The idea was simple: I want the debt ceiling raised without any preconditions so we ...
by davidseth
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The radical Republicans in the House voted Friday to redirect more than $1 billion in stimulus funding for "high-speed" rail ...
by devtob
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Suddenly, it's all Jane ...
by James L
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For a career Army officer, Republican Chris Gibson, who easily won NY-20 in 2010, has become a pretty good politician. Though he was recruited for NY-20 by the GOP establishment, Gibson knows he ...
by devtob
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Tea party Republican Chris Gibson has a wholesome image -- clean-cut, well-spoken, church-going Catholic, veteran, Ph.D., hometown hero, family guy, etc. -- but he has become quite the shameless ...
by devtob
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Tea Party Rep. Chris Gibson voted for the Ryan budget today, like almost every other Republican Member of Congress. So he voted to end Medicare as we know it, and turn it into a voucher program ...
by devtob
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by David Nir
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Newbie Congressman Chris Gibson has done just one thing to distinguish himself from the rest of the tea party freshmen. Generally, he votes for whatever Boehner wants, and explains his votes with ...
by devtob
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NY-20 Congressman Chris Gibson won election easily, as the 2010 Republican wave, powered by know-nothing tea partiers and their media cheerleaders, swept him and five other NY GOP Congressional ...
by devtob
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Apparently, the New York State Republican Party, which just regained control of the State Senate, now has set its eyes set on eliminating the 23rd District, currently represented by William "Bill" ...
by Upstate Blue
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Also at The Albany Project Sure, it was disappointing that Scott Murphy lost his ...
by devtob
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There was much made before the election of House Democrats, and Democratic challengers, who said they would not vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker, as a way to show they were an "independent voice" ...
by genocideisnews
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I am proud to be Internet Director for Gillibrand For Senate - Todd It was a homecoming for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, back in NY-20 stumping for Scott Murphy, just as she did last year ...
by Todd Beeton
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Also at The Albany Project In a close race, like the NY-20 one ...
by devtob
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Also at The Albany Project Americans for Prosperity, ...
by devtob
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