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I've been advocating for the Article V Convention for some time. Part of this includes an instance two years ago where I went to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Santa Barbara, and gathered the ...
by john de herrera
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Ezra Klein has a post up arguing that if Coakley loses the Senate race in Massachusetts next week,
by thefourthbranch
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I would argue that the Pledge of Allegiance is the wrong oath to have Americans swear often. I know the most recent arguments have been over the words "under God." My complaint is not those words. ...
by DPB Geek
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Every Senator says it. Every last one of them. Of course, so does every Representative. And just about everyone in government except the President. I do solemnly swear (or affirm)
by ultrageek
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Well, I think I may have it, but in looking at it the past two days I'm not sure if I'm missing certain points to strengthen it. If anyone has time to look it over to point out any weakness and/or ...
by john de herrera
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I thought folks who couldn't make it to the Inauguration might want to see my daughter's and my trip from Baltimore to the National Mall on Inauguration Day. Our video version is posted on YouTube ...
by Byte606
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Don't know if you saw it Sunday night but there was a classic Daily Kos moment. One where a genuine Kossack, i.e. progressive American--not an operative/fascist--articulated an emerging question. A ...
by john de herrera
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Under the rightwing nutcase logic, Richard Nixon was never President of the United States as he added an extra word to the Constitutionally-driven wording of the Oath of Office. On January 20, 1969 ...
by cr8vin3d
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Barack Obama To Take Oath Of Office Daily by MikeTheLiberal Washington, DC (LOL) -- In order to give the press something more to do, Barack Obama has ...
by MikeTheLiberal
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When Keith Olbermann asked Professor Jonathan Turley if 'this [re-taking the Oath of Office] was going to be a daily thing now' I immediately thought to myself, Yes, Yes it is. See what is left of ...
by Larry Madill
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From a press release from the White House, a statement from White House counsel Greg Craig: We believe that the oath of office was administered effectively and that the President was ...
by Susan Gardner
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[EDIT: Is my timing great or what?] Can we put this one to bed? This "retake the Oath" nonsense is silly and I'm sick of the diaries that keep popping up. First, Obama signed a written oath ...
by cityduck
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What do you think? Are these experts seriously addressing the problem? Or is this a case of "academic tongue-in-cheek" syndrome? Was the oath "re-administered"? When I see Professor Turley's ...
by RaulVB
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With all our talk of faith, here and in the culture, we often lose track of the fact that faith is not confined to religion. We also have faith in our institutions and those who lead us. While ...
by WereBear
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There has been a good deal of discussion on a small point--that of Chief Justice John Roberts's verbal errors in swearing in the new president. It is largely immaterial, but for the record, I think ...
by structural adjustment
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As stupid as this sounds to most of us, according to a few constitutional scholars including Jonathan Turley, (
by Brainwrap
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Today I called my staff and told them I expected them all to take time off work to watch President Obama get sworn in and give his inaugural address. I then goofed off myself, not showing up at the ...
by Timaeus
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If this is a glimpse of the future coverage and reporting of the president, then I suppose we're in for even more chuckles--and bewilderment--at the antics of AP and FOX News in the coming years:
by PrnCaspian3
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This botched oath may be a minor thing, but I am seeing wingnuts talking about how Obama botched it. That is nonsense. Roberts botched it, and that should be the story, to the extent there is a story.
by TDC In Florida
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Three words can change America. As Obama takes the Oath of Office, perhaps it behooves us all to take an oath, a pledge, a New Pledge for 2009. I pledge allegiance to ...
by lurkersince03
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