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On this morning's edition of Imus In The Morning, Don Imus claimed that his remarks yesterday about Adam "Pacman" Jones were widely misinterpreted. He says that his comments were sarcasm and that he ...
by OmarLittle
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Twenty disabled activists for ADAPT , a disability rights organizatoin, await processing after arrest at Senator McCain's Washington Office this week.
by second gen
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Sorry for the short diary, but there isn't much to say about it. Congressman Vito Fossella was arrested for Drunk Driving. Details below. Hat tip to ...
by mole333
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Obama's "supporter" Rezko arrested in Chicago.
by Permanent Midwest Exile
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Not so much a diary as it is a general question. I do have to give Ed Shultz credit for bringing this up on his show today. I heard him ask it but not really elaborate on it.
by Steely
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Where does it stop? This is the most disgusting thing I have seen lately, and yet NO COVERAGE ON THE MSM as usual! We have to hear about OJ, who we really don't give a damn about, and Senator Craig ...
by Lost Patriot
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American peace activist [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiradcejA6o Rev. Lennox Yearwood was arrested] and tackled by Capitol Police for attending Gen. David Petraeus' hearing on the Iraq War. He ...
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