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With Kansas facing some tough economic decisions in the 2015 legislative session, several Republicans have decided to back away from the Kansas model and look for a different way to approach ...
by Chris Reeves
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Where else would you hear such a stupid, bigoted statement?
by SemDem
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Republicans keep spewing the koo koo so hard and so fast that not even a polar vortex slows them down. Glenn Beck twofer: we get our laws from Moses ...
by The Big E
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With the closure of 11 state facilities this year , FL. Lawmakers continue to attempt to ...
by Bob Sloan
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Larry Kudlow and Art ...
by Jed Lewison
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Going back to the days of Ronald Reagan, the Republicans have had a distinct advantage when it comes to messaging. I believe there are a few prime reasons for this.
by Great Lakes Liberal
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Art Laffer, of Laffer curve fame, on CNBC's Kudlow Report just blamed Obama for the current economic crisis on the grounds that well prior to his election the markets saw the electoral ...
by Wolf10
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This is an absolutely AMAZING video, brough to you via Pharyngula . How can so many "experts" possibly be so stunningly wrong? Were they really ...
by dhonig
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Cross-posted at Tall Tales Newt Gingrich, who ...
by Jim Oleske
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One of the things that has pissed me off more than anything else in the last, oh, 28 years or so is this bullshit about Ronald Reagan being a "great" President. He was not. His administration ...
by Inky99
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Peter Ferrara at American Spectator vomits: Just two weeks ago, a book on economic policy was released that will be ...
by The Termite
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