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"Make sure you go to one food pantry at the beginning of the month so you can come to this one in the middle of the month. It helps." That was the advice I got at one point in my life when I needed ...
by allergywoman
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A new study that was released by the American Obesity Society confirms that sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to US Obesity epidemic, particularly in children. And the Obesity society recommends ...
by democart
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What's really in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and how dangerous is it to your health? While in the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons the New School for Design Maya Weinstein pulled ...
by VL Baker
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F IND SPECIFIC KEYWORDS BY HOLDING DOWN THE CONTROL KEY & TAPPING F TO GET A SEARCH BAR. Browsing these 155+ linked article titles gives a good grasp of the range of professional discussion, ...
by mettle fatigue
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Note: free use of Medscape is introduced [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/17/1263518/--Why-MDs-Abuse-Prescription-Drugs-Medscape-article-Dec-9-2013 here]. April 4 Medscape reported that an F.D....
by mettle fatigue
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From The Daily Beast : Obesity in children ages 2-5 has declined 43 percent in the last decade, according to Centers for Disease Control data released today in the Journal of the American Medical ...
by ericlewis0
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Being obese, I’m always looking for a good diet. Just as I was finally considering the “Caveman Diet,” “Paleolithic Diet,” or, simply, “Paleo Diet,” my Discover magazine’s ...
by corwinabell
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As I've stated before, I kind of did my weight loss backward. I lost the weight, then sought out community support and read a lot of diet books to help myself keep it off. So I've kept up reading ...
by allergywoman
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Poor people get sick more often than non-poor people, and when people are sick, they cannot learn, they cannot work hard, and they cannot move up the opportunity ladder. This is a burden not only on ...
by liberalMedStudent
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by mettle fatigue
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The catastrophic rise in obesity across the United States and worldwide has been making headlines. Obesity is associated with a myriad of physical and emotional problems which can be life threatening.
by democart
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"Did you see him on TV?" "Who?" I asked my nearly 106-year-old mother, who was calling from Forest Trace, the retirement community in South Florida where she has lived for almost 20 years. "Chris ...
by zwerlst
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Quoted paragraphs offer a glimpse into the content and viewpoint of each article; they are not summaries - use the links to read more fully. For an introduction and start in the free use of Medscape ,
by mettle fatigue
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At the very end of the diary is an introduction to using free MEDSCAPE links/articles like this: very easy and worth it. Teenagers and college students may enjoy this one. The human body as a ...
by mettle fatigue
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An obesity epidemic has been declared. First Lady Michelle Obama has made it a centerpiece of her agenda. Even First Daughters Sasha and Malia have been personally placed on a healthy diet by their ...
by cabaretic
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It's not like food choices are always this easy or obvious. A recent story in the Washington Post provided a look at the cheap food options affordable on a food ...
by Laura Clawson
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, November 6, 2013 BOTTOMS UP!! (Click on link above for info about Mayor Bloomberg's "Big Gulp Ban")
by latestbloomer
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David Epstein has quick and interesting look at research into the possible role of endocrine disrupting chemicals might be playing a role in weight gain both in humans and in animals. Cats and dogs, ...
by marc brazeau
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Competing full-page ads have appeared in La Jornada and other major Mexican newspapers, over an initiative , backed by the Bloomberg Foundation, for a tax on soft drinks in Mexico. The Mexican ...
by roberb7
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In an article titled Let's Focus on Michelle Obama's Accomplishments, Not Just Her Style , a diarist on HuffPo said this: If ...
by JoanMar
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