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The White House likes to pretend that it has not created a kafkaesque spiderweb of prisons and military tribunals, despite all the evidence to the contrary: kidnapping, the purchase of ...
by smintheus
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In a turnabout, the CIA said "it would begin handing over documents to Congress about the destruction of videotapings showing the harsh interrogation of two terror suspects after the House ...
by Valtin
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From today’s LA Times : It was also five months after ...
by David Waldman
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The latest bombshell in the torture tapes case shows once again that the first explanation ...
by dday
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Let's be frank here. The recent discovery of documents related to the torture videotapes that were destroyed is old news, not new. The fact is that since 2001, our government has ...
by Silence is Complicity
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Everyone seems to be lining up to hold an investigation into the destruction of the CIA/911 torture tapes. The House Intel Committee will ...
by lukery
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Here's a little something I posted on [DocuDharma http://www.docudharma.com/] this [afternoon http://www.docudharma.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=2908]. I think it may be of some interest to this ...
by ek hornbeck
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Heh. While the rest of the Primaryosphere is out trying to figure out if there's going to be an Oprah Bounce,
by kredwyn
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The recent revelations of CIA tapes of "aggressive interrogations" being destroyed comes as a surprise, but it really shouldn't. ...
by Daisy Cutter
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It's time for Congress to demand the full deployment home this year of all military personnel serving in Iraq. It is time for Congress to reconcile themselves to the American people and for the ...
by Fallon
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by buhdydharma
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More evidence of DOJ obstruction of justice has entered the public domain "at the behest" of a corporate executive. Disgusting:
by a gnostic
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Ooh, this investigation from a special prosecutor could be opening a real juicy can of worms if it really happens.... ...
by Buffalo Girl
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Some of us are still pinching ourselves to reassure ourselves that 2006 actually happened, and all of us are naturally looking forward to the 2008 elections. In the meantime the intransigence of ...
by paul minot
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From HUA News We're still better than Fox! Washington DC Attorney General Alberto ...
by buhdydharma
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So, today an ' anonymous administration official ' said to the Washington ...
by mgris
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If, like me, you believe Attorney General Gonzalez, Vice President Cheney, and President Bush have all committed high crimes and \*cough!\* *felonies* \*cough!\* but fear that removing these ...
by maynard
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Bush done lying about doing the right for America and about Libby, says it is time to move on. Unsolved this is dead? How's he get away with it? Let's take a minute to go through the ...
by jmsjoin
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I have got to tell you: Just when you think life has gotten as surreal as it could possibly get, suddenly the Gods of Satire look down upon you and throw some interesting stuff your way.
by Silence is Complicity
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Over the past few months Kagro X (and I'm sure others) have been working to increase awareness of ...
by Builderman
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