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Scientists studying the Permian extinction event, the greatest die-off in Earth's history, when 90% of all life in the oceans went extinct roughly 250 million years ago (along with the extinction of ...
by Steven D
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Several DKos articles have been written here ...
by liberaldad2
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...whose denial of Climate change "atmospheric re-employment" has now become a running joke This has been covered here @ Daily Kos already in several Diaries, including within today's always ...
by Eric Nelson
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So a bunch of concerned citizens of all stripes came out to Oakland yesterday to talk some fracking sense. More specifically, according to 350.org 's count, over 8,000 of us marched...
by citisven
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CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Human generated CO2 trapped in the atmosphere is raising the earth’s temperature, causing melting icecaps, rising sea levels, species extinctions, droughts, and massive ...
by liberaldad2
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by Kriss Perras | Forty four of the 63 Malibu restaurants garnered the Bay Foundation’s annual Clean Bay Restaurant List for environmental achievement. The number of Malibu restaurants that made ...
by runningwaterspr
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How much longer will the heads in the sand continue? In 2013, concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was 142% of the pre-industrial era (1750), and of methane and nitrous oxide 253% and 121% ...
by LaFeminista
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You may be thinking those words don't go together - nevertheless, here's a short, funny video to explain ocean acidification and its effects without ...you know... crushing your soul. (Unlike the ...
by Dont Just Sit There DO SOMETHING
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We have long prided ourselves in being the reality based community but there is a diary on the rec list that is not reality based. The title screams, "Alaska Fisheries in Midst of Economic Collapse"!
by realalaskan
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Climate change may kill off the worlds reefs within just a few decades predicts the latest International Programme on the State of the Ocean . Ove oegh-­‐Guldberg, Prof and Dir, Global Change ...
by Pakalolo
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More goats! If you are keeping up with the Kos Katalogue blogathon then you know how special and unique the community is here at Daily Kos. Thanks to the kindness of strangers , yet virtual friends,
by remembrance
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If you can't get a broken Congress to move the country (& friends) forward on Climate Change -- maybe you get local governments to Act. While we still can ... before that window of opportunity ...
by jamess
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New finding shows climate change can happen in a geological instant (Phys.org) —"Rapid" and "instantaneous" are words geologists don't use very often. But Rutgers geologists use these exact terms ...
by jbalazs
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Oxygen levels are dropping and ocean waters are acidifying at the fastest rate in at least 300 million years when the greatest marine extinction in earth's history took place according to The ...
by FishOutofWater
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More weather extremes, plus reduced agricultural yield, plus droughts, plus dwindling marine life as a result of growing ocean acidification, are what the overwhelming majority of climate scientists ...
by petercgoldmark
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We may be slipping into one of the greatest mass extinctions in the history of the earth, but just how worried should we be?
by FishOutofWater
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Fasten your seatbeats, it seems that the new United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate report which I wrote about here is even scarier when you look at the climate ...
by VL Baker
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This is dire news. The journal science reports that rising Ocean Acidification as more CO2 is absorbed by the oceans is creating a feedback loop by reducing Phytoplankton, causing less ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Just a quick reflection on all sorts of topics, from global warming to the job market to American consumerism to whatever I feel like putting into my first diary here. Let's do this. I'm writing ...
by Infected Zebra
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The horrible news detailed by Hunter about the GoM dead zones now has a equally disturbing kill zone on Florida's Atlantic Coast. Unfortunately, Rick Scott is the Governor of Florida and he has ...
by Pakalolo
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