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We're just months away from seeing one of the most beautiful species of porpoises go extinct. Less than 100 vaquita porpoises are left off the coast of Mexico -- and they're being trapped and ...
by Nathan Empsall SierraRise
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There is a hero on a mission to save the oceans. She has a credible plan and the international 'creds' to accomplish this long overdue and necessary component to preserving a vital piece of our ...
by VL Baker
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The other day a conversation about seawater recovery of lithium got me curious on what the latest progress in seawater mineral extraction has been. The world's oceans contain vast, nearly ...
by Rei
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Chances of a western north America megadrought of an intensity not seen since before the arrival of European explorers just went up. The largest surge of heat ever recorded moving west to east in ...
by FishOutofWater
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Leatherback turtles hatching on a Puerto Rico beach. "This stretch of beach is where Leatherback turtles lay their eggs, and the other stretch of beach is where Hawksbill turtles lay eggs," our ...
by Dan Chu
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I am posting this SierraRise alert on behalf of Jim Hines, the Sierra Club's Los Padres Chapter Conservation Chair in Ventura, CA. Beautiful -- but threatened. I never get tired of watching ...
by Nathan Empsall SierraRise
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In an article up today over at The Guardian (in their infamous "Comment is Free" section), entitled "Why whale poo could be the secret to reversing the effects of climate change," Philip Hoare ...
by FinchJ
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What to make of the following, gargantuan contradiction? 1. As climate change leads to ocean levels tens of feet higher later in this century, and as coastal cities already are estimating the ...
by rlegro
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An international court has ordered Japan to halt its illegal Antarctic whaling expeditions, ruling that the hunts are just "a commercial venture masquerading as research." Sounds like great news ...
by Nathan Empsall SierraRise
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Just heard about this story on the radio, which I think is pretty big, but I fear may get swept aside by some of the other trending topics : WASHINGTON (AP) — Moving to protect fragile marine life,
by pierre9045
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Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I have been watching the new Cosmos series with ...
by michelewln
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Climate and weather are hot topics these days. As you read about them one factors looms large for the coming months: The odds are increasing that an El Niño is in the works for 2014—and recent ...
by don mikulecky
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This is bad. As you probably know, whales and dolphins rely on their ears to find food. Even the smallest damage to their hearing can pose a grave threat to their survival. A deaf dolphin is a ...
by Nathan Empsall SierraRise
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John Laird, Secretary for Natural Resources and Chair of the California Ocean Protection Council, on April 14 sent a memo to the "California Ocean and Coastal Community" discussing recent letters on ...
by Dan Bacher
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An enormous wave now centered at 500 feet deep along the equator south of Hawaii is silently moving below the surface towards the west coast of the Americas. This wave, called a Kelvin wave, took ...
by FishOutofWater
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A prominent California oil industry lobbyist not only served as a high ranking official overseeing the creation of marine protected areas in California, but also currently serves on a federal marine ...
by Dan Bacher
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Edge of ...
by FishOutofWater
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And then we'll go to the beach!
by Cassiodorus
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This is Alaska's loss and Stanford's gain. House Minority Leader Rep. Beth Kerttula announced today her resignation from the Alaska legislature to accept a fellowship at the Center for Ocean ...
by akmk
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For years I was vegan. For even longer, I was a vegetarian. Then roughly two-years ago I abandoned my vegan lifestyle for reasons that are quite personal and rather complex. One of the ways I ...
by Dr Christopher Boerl
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