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With all due respect to another diarist , Ohio has been probably thee number 1 big fucking disaster of this ...
by The Clevelander
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Summary: OH has 18 representatives: 10 D, 8 R OK has 5 representatives: 1 D, 4 R OR has 5 representatives: 4 D, 1 R Possibly vulnerable: OH-01 (D) OH-02 (R) OH-06 (D) OH-12 (R) OH-
by plf515
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by RLMiller
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If control of the House and/or Senate flips to Republicans narrowly, it will be because of lost seats and lost opportunities in Ohio. Five of Ohio's ten Democratic ...
by Ohiobama
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Summary: OH has 18 representatives: 10 D, 8 R, primary done OK has 5 representatives: 1 D, 4 R, primary July 27 OR has 5 representatives: 4 D, 1 R, primary done Possibly vulnerable: OH-...
by plf515
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You might recall that on Monday, House Minority Leader John Boehner served up the mother of all campaign ...
by Steve Singiser
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Yes, despite the presence of the pivotal Idaho legislative and federal primaries, there is a Tuesday evening edition of the Wrap. You will be relieved to hear that we are not being bumped for vote-by-
by Steve Singiser
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Yes, there's bad news from the Ohio primary, and bad news, or, as they say, "worse, worser, and worst" for Democrats. Turnout for Democrats was abysmally, shockingly low. Even though ...
by Ohiobama
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I just received a push poll from the infamous (202) 461-3441, phone number. They were running one in Massachusetts right before the Coakley-Brown fiasco. My call followed a very similar structure ...
by DanD
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Many important races will be decided next November, but as our old state slogan goes, "Ohio is the Heart of it All." (It's a triple play on the shape of the state, it's central location, and ...
by Ohiobama
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If you're not wondering what's going on within the Democratic Party of Ohio, you're not following the news. A spectacular series of corruption scandals in the most heavily Democratic ...
by Ohiobama
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Apologies for the lack of a wrap-up on Thursday night. The real world, in the form of the high school football season, intervened. The good news: twice as much numerical goodness and political ...
by Steve Singiser
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What in the world happened in Zanesville, Ohio yesterday? In one evening, this town of 25,000 saw a Tea Party, an entirely separate protest with a 70 foot hot air balloon and a Koran-...
by ds022b
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Sarah Palin spoke to a chilled crowd in Chillicothe, Ohio, this afternoon, on the very same courthouse steps where Barack Obama addressed a somewhat larger and far more diverse rally, about ...
by Ohiobama
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The McCain campaign may be a dead dinosaur, but its spiked tail is still thrashing around. In November of 2007, exactly one year prior to the election, eleven county newspapers in the ...
by Ohiobama
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Welcome to the Election 2008 Live Blogging Project . This diary will be used to cover the results of the following elections:
by Dr Gonzo
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At least seven polls over the past week now show McPalin with a solid lead in Ohio, with five of them pinning the margin at about 4 points (SV, UC, Insider Advantage, Suffolk, SUSA and Rasmussen)
by Ohiobama
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As predicted here with no joy (see my prior diaries) Ohio is going for the Palin bait more decidedly than any surrounding swing state. Rasmussen now polls Ohio at McCain 51, Obama 44, changed ...
by Ohiobama
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DISCLOSURE: Before I begin, a little disclosure. First off, I'm a former Clinton supporter; now I'm an Obama supporter, as of June 4th. Second, I'm a Jew and I support our government's support of ...
by bobswern
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Following the break is a complete roundup and ranking of Ohio races for the U.S. House of Representatives. I have separated them into Republican-held and Democratic-held seats and divided each into ...
by YellowDogSammy
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