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Late yesterday, Tulsa County DA Stephen Kunzweiler revealed that he is so alarmed by the revelations contained in an internal investigation of how Robert Bates' training and behavior were handled ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Last week, Oklahoma state officials drew the criticism of two former attorneys general for their hasty selection of midazolam for the state's lethal injection protocol. Now Oklahoma’s choice of ...
by jscornejo
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Should we invite her in, Wisdom proves a most dutiful senior partner. Are you shocked at academics who’ve just discovered descendants of slave owners and the enslaved are still waging war, or ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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... And he knows it. We sent Freedom of Information Act requests to every Red State governor or legislature who refused to Expand Medicaid. Thus far, eleven red state governors and one red ...
by Tortmaster
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Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog DeSmogBlog has obtained dozens of emails that lend an inside view of how the U.S. State Department secretly handed Enbridge a permit to expand the capacity of its U.S.-...
by Steve Horn
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Beliefs Sincerely Held Rep. Emily Virgin rains on intolerance by Barry Friedman (First Appeared in [The Tulsa Voice http://www.thetulsavoice.com/April-B-2015/Beliefs-sincerely-held/]) Around ...
by vuzvilla
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In early 2014, Oklahoma state officials needed a new execution drug cocktail. Here’s how they went about finding one: [T]he lawyers searched the internet for ideas. They called some of their ...
by jscornejo
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Check out my site, Claytoonz . Follow me on Twitter .
by claytoonz
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F___ your breath. That is the best a trained, professional Police officer can come up with as the breath of life leaves a person's body altogether and they die? And why did he die? Because some ...
by phylly3
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Reserve deputy Robert Bates The Tulsa World reports today that sources claim supervisors were ordered to ...
by Krotor
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The investigation into the shooting death of Eric ...
by Jen Hayden
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The GoFundMe IndieGoGo pages for straight victims of entrepreneurial discrimination go up in 5,4,3.... This is no longer about public accommodation but simply posturing by stupid people and ...
by annieli
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I’m wondering if anyone from the news media is watching what a certain Oklahoma State Representative is doing concerning gay rights? Her name is Sally Kern. She has compared gay love to terrorism .
by Jeremyac54
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Did this guy get his law degree from Liberty University? That would explain it. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt vows to fight for the right to ...
by Jen Hayden
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Hi folks. Christine is taking a sick day this week - get well soon! So, this week is a group effort. Many thanks to ramara and elenacarlena for collecting links. We can really use some ...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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In this diary I will explain how I see the political situation and what would be for me the path for a Democratic victory in the Presidential election of 2016. The diary will include also some note ...
by abgin
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There are many lists produced annually, ranking states in merit order for a variety of topics. When it comes to the good ones, Oklahomans don't start at the top of the list looking for our state, ...
by twigg
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What’s the new frontier in scientific denial?  Earthquake denial ! First, fossil fuels help change the atmosphere, now they’re causing ...
by Mark Fiore
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Easter egg rolling takes on a new meaning in that state whose US Senator throws balls of snow in the legislative chambers.
by annieli
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This week, we thought we'd use this forum to turn the spotlight on Daily Kos's campaign for the Medicaid Expansion Program: Medicaid expansion is a matter of life and death. We are all aware of ...
by JoanMar
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