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For many years I wrestled with the Book of Job in the Bible. It is a controversial book and many have tried to pin it down. Some of what I read I disagreed with as I thought others cut out the heart ...
by Dovie
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I am continually surprised by how much killing of 'other people' on this planet, is done in the name of the aggressor's Religion. It makes me wonder, again and again, have they even bothered to ...
by jamess
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Torah reading: Leviticus chapters 14 and 15. Haftarah reading: Second Kings 7: 3-20. This week's Torah reading continues to lay out the Biblical laws regarding "leprosy": how it was diagnosed, how ...
by Eowyn9
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Even after I had shed the superstitions instilled in my childhood, I believed a man named Jesus once roamed the Middle East. Though not the supernatural offspring of any god, I figured he was a ...
by SecularSchoolTeacher
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As a half a Jew, a person with a gentile mother and Jewish father, I have always been interested in the bible and the "holy land" of Israel. At Sunday school, the teachers told us stories of the ...
by Keone Michaels
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What I read last month. Still giving a focus to the Medieval era while making time for other thins, it got interesting as I reached the Islamic Golden Age, which coincided with Europe's Dark Ages, ...
by AdmiralNaismith
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What I read during the past month. This time around, I try to make sense and entertainment out of those short books of the Bible, and of some commentary by early church fathers, in keeping with my ...
by AdmiralNaismith
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I have been a DailyKos lurker for several years, and a member for over 3; this is my first diary. I'm passionate about the political issues here, but a pet peeve of mine is that with extraordinary ...
by Rob in CT
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Gov. Rick Perry at The Repsonse (Leading the Convention Prayer)
by jamess
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Hat Tip to the Recommended Dairy sounding those "Warning Bells" of the new/old Social Movement, inundating GOP-Land:
by jamess
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When I was young I awaited the knight in shining armor who would grab me up and take me to the eternal kingdom of Bliss. That happened, but yet it didn't, I found out later...much later. ...
by people power granny
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Call me naive, but there is enough wealth in the world to support everyone. Our problem is that the wealth isn't accessible to everyone. Wikipedia tells us that there is a total of $125 ...
by people power granny
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Author's Note: This is a loving parody, not to be taken too seriously. I myself identify as Feminist, but I wanted to try my hand at satire. It is Friday, after all. Apologies are due to God, ...
by cabaretic
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Just finished reading the second chapter of Karen Armstrong's new book, The Case for God . This chapter looks at the historical development of the first five books of the Bible (...
by leftyparent
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With so many people still out of work and depending upon unemployment benefits, I thought I might briefly explore one particularly ancient safety net program. Republicans believe that welfare in ...
by cabaretic
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Glenn has been telling his faithful listeners about whisperings only he can hear in his head saying to Get Behind Me, as in HIM. But this flies in the face of even the most ancient books of the Old ...
by leathersmith
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By now everyone has heard about Glenn Beck's attack on the fundamentals of Christianity when he urged people to leave their churches if the church preaches "social justice." Responses to Beck ...
by Old Redneck
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Recently we have had a spate of Republicans who seem to have trouble with certain commandments regarding adultery and other men's wives. The most recent of these, Mark Sanford, used the story of ...
by blue aardvark
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I can almost hear the members of my e-congregation chorus as one: “Wait-one-gosh-darn-minute, Dr. Omed, there ain’t no gay marriage in the Bible!” Au contraire, pilgrims and seekers.
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama, a senior lecturer on Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, does not understand the Constitution. This is according to Dr. James Dobson, head ...
by edg
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