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Should there be sent down a vicegerent to make route for those who have disbelieved? For those who have forgotten how to see? Careless! Yet in their hearts they too wish to be! Will they deny the ...
by SulleeJ
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The negative (and competitive) presumption ...
by sanitydotcom
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Who says humankind isn't one family awakening to our common planetary ...
by sanitydotcom
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Who has divided us? Entrenched thoughts inside us and dispersed fabricated reports to blind us? Who are these monsters? Captivated by the hunger of wickedness, strategizing since the beginning of ...
by SulleeJ
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Hi all! Julianna here from the Ironic News Report. I went to cover and support the #OccupyWallStreet protest in NYC last night with some of the Ironic News Report Team. We were able to witness ...
by IronicNews
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By: Sullee J Through One, we were created. To one, we shall return. For indeed, the truth lies in one congregation, which unfortunately, we have adjourned. I believe in no division.
by SulleeJ
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Forgiveness is a virtue, a necessity in one’s character. Forgiveness is a quality one must practice in order to increase equality. An act of kindness is sometimes difficult but it is discipline ...
by SulleeJ
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by sanitydotcom
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What moves you? Is there a song from childhood, a sight, a distant witnessing of some kindness the image of which has never left you? What moves us... "us" being every living ...
by wewhodream
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There have been various discussions about Obama's racial composition and what it portends for the American people and his quest for the presidency of the USA. Suffice to note that, several ...
by OdehOgaba1
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