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An ex-husband started posting nasty remarks about his wife and his co-workers on Facebook. One of them said, "There’s one way to love ya but a thousand ways to kill ya. I’m not gonna rest until ...
by pfahim
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"a lifetime thinking . . . ." is an ongoing graphic memoir, political and personal, created by Jeff Van Syckle.
by jvansyckle
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An allegory for online censorship, or, how I learned to stop worrying about the truth so I could enjoy a hay ride: Reader X has never liked Poster X and is offended by Poster X's diaries, which ...
by nemoplanetia
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It is easy to take a site like this forgranted. Let's face it. It takes a whole bunch of time, energy and effort to keep a huge site like this going. There are many people like KOS and others that ...
by that other guy
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Yesterday I published a diary about buying guns via an online gun marketplace website and how easy it seemed to be to join the site, sign up and buy guns without a background check or sell guns ...
by 51percent
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United Food and Commercial Workers' Pat O'Neill talks about the difficulty of organizing retail and the new tactics that have been developed, shoppers' support and Walmart workers' extraordinary ...
by amybdean
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In this humble bloggers opinion, I believe the Obama campaign had a contingency well rehearsed in case Mitt started to wing fabrications. I believe they appreciate Mitt's pathology. He cannot stop ...
by pithesaurus
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A few weeks back, my wife and I were at some cafe somewhere. A group of twenty-somethings sat nearby, chatting. One of them raised her voice. "I'm tired of having a fake life online; I want a REAL ...
by Robert Dobbs
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Feminist writer and novelist Courtney Martin has written a recent column in The Nation ...
by cabaretic
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We're raising money to buy and rehab a store in my little village, Still Pond Md. About a dozen village residents have formed a nonprofit and we're beating the bushes. After a false start with ...
by dadadata
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When I type "Politics" into a Google search, the first result is a Wikipedia article on Politics. Then CNN, msnbc and then.... Fox News. Where does DailyKos.com come in? Sad to say but the site is ...
by jamatucci1
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Weight Loss Kos is a support group for users trying to lose weight, and those who have successfully lost weight and are trying to keep ...
by chicagobama
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In the last 48 hours, the Asian media at least seem to have started calling the Egyptian Revolution the “Nile Revolution”. Is this name really as good as it gets? Since the brave ...
by craigwbar
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Commercial real estate continues to be slammed by the economic downturn, evidenced by the record high 9.2% of commercial mortgages that have gone into delinquency,
by The Anomaly
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Savvy Online Campaign Yields Victory for N.Y. Can Plant ...
by The Electrical Worker
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Henry Kissenger famously noted (even though the ...
by Steve Masover
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With the midterm elections fast approaching, one would hope the Democrats (as well as progressive liberals!) would be canvassing their neighborhoods and working to get out the vote. After the ...
by chroma601
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Yes!! On the oil crisis. I'm hearing about it all over. They're on Twitter, various relatively obscure websites -- maybe even on their Facebook and MySpace accounts! And, don't forget -- at worst ...
by dov12348
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Last week at the 2010 Politics Online conferenc e in Washington, DC Microsoft unveiled a new software suite called Town Hall which will allow politicians and ...
by observantGWsenior
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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 2010 Politics Online Conferenc e being put together by the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management ...
by observantGWsenior
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